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Paper & board industry

BTC Europe supports its customers in all processes in the manufacture and finishing of paper and cardboard with an integrated range of BASF speciality products. Because of our detailed specialist knowledge we are able to formulate customised and cost effective combinations of chemicals for your specific field of application.

Together with leading manufacturers in the pigment and paper industry we can devise system solutions for your entire process chain and provide beneficial package solutions. Furthermore, we are there to help you with extensive logistic, support and advice services ranging from the choice of products to testing equipment.

Products for the manufacture of paper and board

  • Retention and drainage aids, flocculants, fixing agents
    Cationic, anionic and non-ionic products, based on polyethylenimine, polyacrylamide and other substances.
  • Fixing anionic circulating
    Cationic products for fixing in the white water and for preventing pitch deposits.
  • Cationic microflotation aids


  • Dyes for unbleached and wood containing pulp, recycled paper:
  • High colour strength, brilliant shades high affinity for unbleached pulp, wood-containing pulp and recycled paper. Special features of dyes: high resistance to bleeding, high affinity for bleached pulp.
  • Acid dyes for unbleached and wood containing pulp, recycled paper: Very effective for surface dying. Brilliant shades, High light fastness.
  • For bleached chemical pulp: Anionic direct dyes, very brilliant shades, high resistance to bleeding, high light fastness.
  • Cationic direct dyes for bleached chemical pulp: For a high resistance to bleeding, high light fastness.
  • Pigment dispersions for special applications

Sizing agents

  • AKD-based sizing agents.
  • Polymeric sizing agents.

Defoamers and stock deaerators for papermaking

Wet-strength and dry-strength additives

Products for bleaching wood pulp

Anionic dispersing agents, stabilizers and flocculants

Products for coating paper and board

  • Aqueous dispersions of styrene-acrylic ester copolymers
  • Aqueous dispersions of copolymers of styrene-butadiene and/or acrylonitrile
  • Aqueous solutions and alkali-soluble dispersions of acrylic ester copolymers
  • Thickeners in coating colours
  • Dispersing agents for mineral pigments
  • Crosslink agents for coating colours

Special additives for coating colours