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Plastics industry

Durability of plastics

The continuously rising long-term performance and sustainability standards required of plastic end products present strong challenges for manufacturers. Colour fading, cracking and general deterioration are caused by the damaging effects of heat, oxygen and light. Today, however, state-of-the-art technologies allow the design of products with outstanding durability and performance.

We offer a unique range of solutions that can provide the longterm thermal stability, light stability and extended UV protection needed to help prevent mechanical and optical deterioration of plastic & rubber end products. Our experts will be pleased to offer advice on designing formulations tailored to your requirements.

Processing and thermal stability of plastics

During manufacture of plastics articles, the materials undergo various thermoplastic processes, such as masterbatch production, compounding and subsequent conversion by injection moulding, thermoforming and extrusion. During all of these steps, most plastics, including polyolefins, styrenics, elastomers, rubbers and engineering resins, are susceptible to thermal degradation, which affects the performance, functionality and appearance of end products.

BTC offers a wide range of processing additives, stabilizers and co-stabilizers to help protect plastics from thermally induced degradation and early failure.

Our experts will be pleased to assist you in designing successful formulations and addressing your technical and commercial needs.

Colouration of plastics

Special, high-quality colourants are essential for good performance. BTC offers a wide range of products that fulfil customers’ requirements with regard to quality, functionality and compliance. Our wide range of colourants is suitable for a variety of industries, including  automotive, agriculture, building & construction, electrical & electronics, packaging, and textiles & fibres, as well as newly emerging markets.

We strive to be the partner of choice for our customers in these key industries. Customers involved in the plastics & rubber industry can choose from a comprehensive range of specially designed colourants, including organic and inorganic pigments, mono-pigment concentrates, polymer-soluble dyes, effect pigments and specialities.

Our experts are here to help you to meet your individual colouration needs and to address increasingly stringent regulations.

Special functionalities for plastics

Our customers can benefit from the opportunity to enhance the performance of plastics with specific functionalities, adding value to end products. Special effect additives include flame retardants, permanent anti-static agents, metal deactivators, optical brighteners, anti-scratch agents, clarifiers, nucleating agents and rheology modifiers.

BTC offers both the products and the specialized technologies that provide plastics & rubber and their end products with additional functionalities. Our experts will be pleased to give detailed recommendations that help optimize performance and establish synergies with additive and colouration packages.