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Water & waste water industry

High-performance speciality chemicals for water treatment processes

Water is the irreplaceable basis of all life and, at the same time, the most important raw material and source of energy for industry around the world.

BTC"s broad BASF range of high quality chemicals offers solutions for all processes relating to industrial water and effluent. Our products perform valuable tasks in, for example, preventing deposits, removing foreign substances and controlling micro-organisms. In many applications, purification and water-removal processes are only possible because of our products.

Together with our customers, we face up to the large responsibility of protecting and preserving the valuable resource we call water.

Chemicals for different water treatment processes

We at BTC supply chemicals for use in many different water treatment processes.

  • For seawater desalination processes
  • Treatment of water that is used in heating and cooling and in industrial production processes
  • Removing of deposits of calcium sulphate, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and other sparingly soluble salts that form scale in boilers, evaporators, heat exchangers and filters
  • For the water-treatment processes