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Polar solvents > for agriculture uses

Polar solvents for agriculture uses are oxygenated solvents consisting of n-Propanol, Pentanol and Propion Aldehyde.

Brands for agriculture uses


Properties of polar solvents for use in agriculture products

Properties of n-Propanol

  • Mild smelling, semi volatile, polar and clear alcohol.
  • Low-viscosity.
  • Water missible.
  • Solvent of high purity and a starting material for synthesis.

Properties of Propion Aldehyde

  • Colourless liquid with limited miscibility above 15° C.
  • Soluble in ethanol and diethyl ether.

Properties of Iso-Butyraldehyde

  • Colourless liquid.
  • Miscible with almost all common organic solvents;
  • Very slightly soluble in water.

Properties of Pentanol, also known as n-Amyl Alcohol

  • Colourless liquid.
  • Missible with the common organic solvents.

Applications of polar solvents for use in agriculture products

Applications of n-Propanol

  • Serves as a starting material for the manufacture of herbicides and insecticides.
  • Besides others it is reacted with acetic acid to produce propyl acetate.

Applications of n-Propanol S

  • Used in agriculture products where a very high purity is required.

Applications of Propion Aldehyde and Iso-Butyraldehyde

  • Intermediates for the chemical industry
  • Used as building block for pesticide synthesis and crop protection products manufacture.

Applications of Pentanol

  • Used as intermediate for the manufacture of herbicides.


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