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Conditioning polymers > for hair conditioning

BTC offers the most extensive range of polymers for personal care products. This is the result of extensive formulation expertise and strong efforts in the field of research and development. BTC’s portfolio consists of setting polymers that are mainly used for styling products, as well as rheology modifiers conditioning polymers and emulsifiying polymers.


Cosmedia®, Dehyquart®, Luvigel®, Luviquat®, Salcare®, Tinicare®, Tinovis®


The Cosmedia® grades are thickening and stabilizing agents for cosmetic formulations, also suitable for cationic systems, acidic media and transparent formulations, conditioner and excellent sensorics.
The Dehyquart® grades are surfactant preparations for skin and hair care products.
The Dehyquart® Guar grades are conditioning polymers which are compatible with anionic surfactants. This makes the cationic guar derivatives a universally usable cationic polymer.
Luvigel® Advanced is a multifunctional rheology modifier with outstanding setting, conditioning and care properties.
The Luviquat® grades cover a wide spectrum of applications, which enables the formulator to select exactly the right product for the needed requirements.
The Salcare® grades are designed for use in a range of applications in the cosmetic industry, as a primary rheology modifier or a polymeric emulsion stabilizer.
Salcare® Super 7 is a highly substantive aqueous cationic polymer for use in skin and hair care formulations.
Tinocare® SiA1 can be used over the pH range 6.5 - 12.0 making it suitable for skin care and hair care products and specialty treatment products such as depilatories and hair colours.
Tinovis® CD is a primary rheology modifier or a polymeric emulsion stabilizer.


Cosmedia®, Dehyquart®, Luvigel®, Luviquat®, Salcare®, Tinicare® and Tinovis® types are used in various cosmetic applications e.g. in shampoos, hair treatments, body cleansing and wash products, hair styling formulations and more.


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