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Cationic products, conditioner and specialities > for hair conditioning

BTC offers a complete range of cationic surfactants and conditioning agents for hair care products. The special esterquats, alkyl ammonium and guar gum derivatives, with different levels of concentration, are suitable for various applications, ranging from professional hair conditioning to skin care.


Dehyquart® (hair conditioner), Luviquat® (hair conditioner), Plantasil® types(hair conditioning specialities)


Dehyquart® and Luviquat® types are especially suitable for conditioning rinses and hair treatments.
Plantasil® Micro is a microemulsion of emollient, wax and alkyl polyglucosides which provides improved hair conditioning properties in shampoo formulations.
Plantasil® Relaxcare is a mixture of potassium silicate and C8-10 fatty alcohol glucoside and glycerine and can be added to lye relaxer formulations from which it will penetrate into the treated hair providing strenghening effect.


Cream and emulsion type hair care conditioning preparations and rinses.