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Performance wax dispersions > for shower and bath products

Performance wax dispersions show enhanced care properties in cosmetic cleansing products such as shampoos and shower gels. Lamesoft® type wax dispersions from BTC have been developed for use as care additives in cosmetic cleansing products. The dispersions have a distinctive performance profile that tangibly enhances a product’s care properties.




Lamesoft® Care is a performance wax dispersion which provides significant protection against hair breakage, reduces combing work, enhances hair shine and shows perceivable conditioning effects. Lamesoft® Care has a marble
white, silky appearances, is cold processable, easy to handle and shows synergistic compatibility with other conditioning agents.
Lamesoft® PO 65 is naturally derived from coconut and sunflower oil. It is a high-performance additive that supports moisturization claims in surfactant systems. Lamesoft® PO 65 softens and conditions the skin by depositing glyceryl oleate on its surface.


Lamesoft® Care and Lamesoft® PO 65 are used for soap base products, shampoos, and body wash products.