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Compounded lubes > hydraulic fluids for industrial applications


ProEco®, Plurasafe®

BTC Europe offers bio-hydraulic fluids and fire-resistant hydraulic fluids. Depending on our customers’ needs we supply finished hydraulic fluids but also concentrates or building blocks.

See the EU Ecolabels for our hydraulic fluids.

Bio-hydraulic fluids


ProEco® types


BTC’s bio-hydraulic fluids have a high degree of bio-based content ranging from 45% to 99%. They are biodegradable according to industry-accepted testing and are listed in various eco registers, see approvals below. Our bio-hydraulic fluids offer superior wear and corrosion protection and great filterability. Even when contaminated the show best-in-class foam control.


BTC´s customers use bio-hydraulic fluids in environmentally sensitive areas such as in tunnel boring and mining as well as in offshore oil and gas. They are used in harbors and marine, in mobile construction, agriculture and forestry.


The following companies have approved BASF compounded lubes for hydraulic fluids: Bosch-Rexroth, Eaton, HAWE, ZF.
They are listed in eco registers including the EU Eco Label, USDA BioPreferred, Japan Eco Mark, Swedish Standard and MIA Vamil.

Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids


Plurasafe® types


Fire-resistant hydraulic fluids from BTC are water glycol HF-C fluids which meet the Factory Mutual specifications as well as the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Report of the European Mines Safety Commission.


The flammability of the hydraulic fluid is a decisive factor in many applications. They are used for example in the mining industries as well as in the die casting industries.


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