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Additives > for electroless plating formulators

BTC’s Lutron® additives are intended for formulations which are used in electroless plating processes. Electroless plating is a sub-segment of the electroplating industry using chemical reactions rather than electricity for metal deposition. Besides others this process is used to manufacture printed circuit boards (PCB).
The major ingredients used in an electroless plating process consist of a source metal which is usually a salt, for example nickel hypophosphate (Ni(H2PO4)), a reducer, a complexing agent, and various buffers, stabilizers and inhibitors. In these processes BTC’s Lutron® additives work as stabilizers or inhibitors.



Properties of Lutron® for electroless plating formulators

Lutron® products are chemically versatile products. They can be cationic polymers or they belong to the class of surfactants. In common, they

  • can have a quaternary structure,
  • can be modified polyglycol ethers or a blend of ionic liquids,
  • are readily soluble in water and alcohols,
  • provide stabilisation and/or inhibition property.

Applications of Lutron® for electroless plating formulators

BTC’s Lutron® products products are additives working as stabilizers and inhibitors to meet the requirements for formulators offering solutions for electroless plating processors.

About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the electroplating industry cover besides our specialized additives for zinc, tin, nickel, zinc-alloy also special additives which support solubilisation, act as a dispersing agent, rise the cloud point, besides others.