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Sokalan®, Tamol®


Tamol® N types (sulphonic acid derivatives)

With the Tamol® product range (Tamol® NN types and Tamol® NH types) and the Sokalan® product range of BASF, BTC offers products for stabilisation and dispersion of aqueous dispersions and emulsions as well as scale inhibitors and inhibitors for dye transfer. The Tamol® N types are sodium salts of naphthalenesulphonic acid condensation products. They differ in terms of their degree of condensation, degree of neutralisation and their salt content. The Tamol® NN types have a low degree of condensation, and they are mainly employed as dispersing agents and stabilisers in the leather, textile, paint and paper sectors. Tamol® NH types are special products with a high degree of condensation that can be used for stabilisation of emulsions and dispersions as well as for the construction industry.