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Glysantin® G64®: Engine coolant for downsized engines

Smaller is better: For many years, downsizing has been an important driver of development in the automotive industry. Small engines, however, impose the highest demands on engine coolants and the stability of the cooling system. Glysantin® G64® is tailored to high performance downsized engines with a continuous flow of heat and offers the excellent corrosion protection that is typical for the brand.

Skin Rinse-off: We safely navigate you through

We safely navigate you through a complex world of Skin Rinse-off applications, key consumer needs & market trends.

Breox® and Plurasafe®: Expansion of the lubricant segment

Base oils and ready-to-use lubricant formulations based on polyalkylene glycol (PAG) are ideal components for enabling smooth-running industrial processes. Thanks to investments by BASF totalling millions of euros at its Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, BTC will be able to react even more flexibly in future.

Specific Concentrations Limit (SCL)

2015 a project was started under the umbrella of ERASM to investigate the eye damage/irritation in vitro approach to address concentration related effects (SCL) with pure and diluted surfactants.

Fairs & Exhibitions

European Coatings Show 2017 in Nürnberg, Germany, from April 4th to 6th

Visit us on the European Coatings Show 2017 from April 4th to 6th.

Hannover Messe 2017 in Hannover, Germany, from April 24th to 28th

Visit us on the Hannover Messe 2017 from April 24th to 28th.

interpack 2017 in Dusseldorf, Germany, from May 4th to 10th

Visit us on the interpack 2017 from May 4th to 10th.

Expoquimia 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, from October 1st to 5th

Visit us on the Expoquimia 2017 from October 1st to 5th.


Electronic invoices - An advantage for everyone

In this digital age, printing out documents is often no longer necessary. BTC Europe also lets you choose whether to receive your invoices electronically from now on. This service is free of charge, makes your job easier and also helps the environment.

Stocktakings 2015

The dates of our annual stocktakings are fixed. Please consider for your early planning of your demands.

BASF ChemTrade has been merged into BTC Europe

With effect as of August 1st, 2013, BASF ChemTrade GmbH has been merged into BTC Europe GmbH. The BASF ChemTrade customers have unchanged service and contact partners under the brand of BTC.

BTC with new organisation

Since July 1st 2013 the BTC companies outside Germany are merged into the local BASF companies.