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Iragon® Violet: For popular products from purple to lilac

Violet not only represents spring, lilacs and violets, but generally has an air of extravagance. No wonder that the colour is popular in home care. With Iragon® Violet, BTC has added two colours to its portfolio which can be easily used to dye many products, boast a long shelf life and are applicable on a broad pH spectrum.

BTC opens Chemical Outlet webshop

Quality products in limited quantities at special terms: In the BTC Chemical Outlet, you can shop and rummage around for selected products from the standard range of over 6,000 BASF products with discounts of up to 50 per cent.

Tinuvin® XT 55 protects artificial grass for a long time

Artificial grass promises to shine in a rich green for years, while requiring very little care. But to achieve this, the fibre bundles which make up the turf must be provided with the suitable light protection additive during production. Tinuvin® XT 55 provides this function with the highest possible quality.

Color Care in Liquid Detergents

Modern life would be unimaginable without color detergents. Frequent wear and washing cause textile colors to lose their initial brilliance and fade. Color detergents ensure that clothes look new for longer and help to keep their colors vibrant.

Fairs & Exhibitions

Expoquimia 2017 in Barcelona, Spain, from October 1st to 5th

Visit us on the Expoquimia 2017 from October 1st to 5th.

SEPAWA 2017 in Berlin, Germany, from October 18th to 20th

Visit us on the SEPAWA 2017 from October 18th to 20th.


Electronic invoices - An advantage for everyone

In this digital age, printing out documents is often no longer necessary. BTC Europe also lets you choose whether to receive your invoices electronically from now on. This service is free of charge, makes your job easier and also helps the environment.

Stocktakings 2015

The dates of our annual stocktakings are fixed. Please consider for your early planning of your demands.

BASF ChemTrade has been merged into BTC Europe

With effect as of August 1st, 2013, BASF ChemTrade GmbH has been merged into BTC Europe GmbH. The BASF ChemTrade customers have unchanged service and contact partners under the brand of BTC.

BTC with new organisation

Since July 1st 2013 the BTC companies outside Germany are merged into the local BASF companies.