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Mixed carotenoids from algae source > for food, dietary supplements and beverages

Carotenoids are plant pigments with a colour spectrum of yellow to orange and red. Mainly they appear in the chromoplasts of the plants. Animals are not able to synthesize carotenoids.
The carotenoids are divided into two groups: the carotenes (hydrocarbons) and the xanthophylls (oxygenated derivates of the hydrocarbons). The Xantophylls are responsible for the yellow colouration of leaves in autumn.
Naturally occurring carotenoids are completely insoluble in water and they are associated with lipids which they impart their colour for example milk fat, palm oil, tomatoes and carrots.
Algal carotenes can be used as nutritional substance (provitamin A source) or food colourant in several applications. However, specific regulations on the ingredients used in the respective countries and for the intended use have to be considered.


Betatene®, Natural Beta-Carotene


BTC’s natural ß-Carotene from algae source is available as powder and oily grades.
Stability: Stored in the unopened original packaging at ambient temperature (max. 30 °C) in a dry place, the product is stable for at least 24 up to 60 months, dependent on the respective grade. Carotenes are sensitive to light, heat and oxygen and need to be stored in a light proof and airtight container.


Dependent on the different grades and forms of BTC’s natural ß-Carotene from algae source the product can be applied in water based foods, including dry mix foods, confectionary, baked goods, dairy products and sauces.
Regarding dietary supplements it is intended for use as a source of provitamin A – it may be formulated in single entity or in multivitamin tablets using direct compression. As a source of mixed carotenes it can be used in single entity and multivitamin soft gelatin capsules.