Dyes for the colouration of plastics

BTC’s range of dyes provides attractive solutions, especially to respond to the specific challenges of the colouration of engineering plastics. This range also includes plastic-soluble Lumogen® F fluorescent dyes and Lumogen® IR absorbers for polymers.


Oracet®, Lumogen® F, Lumogen® IR


Oracet® dyes consist of polymer soluble colourants selected and controlled for the use in the plastic industry.
They provide excellent transparency with good fastness properties in styrenic and acrylic polymers, many engineering plastics and in cellulose acetate.

Lumogen® F dyes are highly purified fluorescent dyes with excellent heat and light stability in amorphous resins for fluorescence collectors.

Lumogen® IR is an IR absorber used in polymers.


BTC’s wide range of dyes for the colouration of plastics are suitable for a variety of industries, including the automotive, agriculture, building & construction, electrical & electronics, packaging, and textiles & fibres industries, as well as newly emerging markets.