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Lycopene > for food, dietary supplements and beverages

Lycopene complements the antioxidant network, which helps prevent oxidative stress. In vitro studies have shown that lycopene has the highest singlet oxygen quenching activity of all commonly consumed carotenoids.




The LycoVit grades are available in powder form as well as oily dispersion.
Stability: The Lycopene products are sensitive to light, heat and oxygen. Therefore the storage in a tightly sealed, lightproof packaging at a cool place is recommended. After opening the package, the product should be used as quickly as possible. The products can be stored in the unopened original packaging for at least 24 to 36 months.


Lycopene products are foreseen to give a special colouring to food products in dark red shades. The dispersion is suitable for products based on oil or fat.
The cold-water-dispersible grade is recommended for applications in the beverage industry or water based applications like confectionary or dairy products.
For applications in the dietary supplement industry BTC offers a direct compressible grade which is suitable for multi-vitamin tablets and hard gelatine capsules. For the use in soft gelatine capsules the dispersion is recommended.