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Miscellaneous emulsifiers > for food

An emulsifier is a polar molecule with the structure of a “water loving” part and an “oil loving” part. Due to this structure, emulsifiers are capable of forming mono-molecular films between the water and the oil phase. This reduces the interfacial tension within the system. Emulsifiers are needed to mix at least 2 unmixable phases (e.g. oil and water) and stabilize that system.


Polymuls®, Prefera®, Lamesorb®


The available forms are pellets, powder and liquids.
Stability: The products must be kept only in the original container and in a cool place. The storage temperature has to be between 0 - 20 °C. The products must be protected against temperatures below 0 °C and above 30 °C. The products are stable at least 12 to 24 months (type dependent) in its unopened original packaging under the above mentioned conditions.


The core range of miscellaneous emulsifiers is designed for cake gels in combination with monoglycerides and stearate to create a cake gel with high aeration performance. Furthermore these products are applicable as released agents and in ice cream to improve the overrun. These emulsifiers are designed for soft cakes and lead there to unique crumb structure. They can be applied as well in dairy applications, oil processing and as coating in confectionary.