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Monoglycerides > as emulsifiers for food

An emulsifier is a polar molecule with the structure of a “water loving” part and an “oil loving” part. Due to this structure, emulsifiers are capable of forming mono-molecular films between the water and the oil phase. This reduces the interfacial tension within the system. Emulsifiers are needed to mix at least 2 unmixable phases (e.g. oil and water) and stabilize that system.


Lamemul®, Nutrisoft®, Monomuls®, Kirnol®


The form of BTC’s monoglycerides is type dependent - fine powder, powder, paste, greasy paste, viscous oil and liquid oil forms are available.
Stability: The product must be stored only in the original container and in a cool place. The storage temperature has to be 0 - 20 °C. It should be protected from temperatures below 0 °C and above 30 °C.
The product is stable at least 12 - 24 months (type dependent) in its unopened original packaging under the above mentioned conditions.


The global core range-monoglycerides are designed for cake mixes and bread applications to improve crumb structure and to avoid staling effects.
Furthermore monoglycerides are applicable for margarine, coffee whitener, peanut butter, ice cream for smooth mouth feel, Asian noodle applications, shortenings, mousse, confectionary for smooth and consistent structure, dressings, sausage or as anti-foaming agent.