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In all living organisms enzymes are naturally occurring and essential for metabolic processes, used for thousands of years, e.g. in production of beer, wine, cheese or baking processes. Today enzymes can be produced under controlled conditions to yield standardized activities. These are applied to get desired effects. Enzymes are proteins, that speed-up or enable chemical reactions whilst they are not being consumed or modified themselves. They are also called “biocatalysts” and are very specific regarding the substrate (the material they act on) and the product (the materialm that is created).




The Nutrilife® range is available in powder form.
Stability: The product should be stored at temperatures below 25°C and has to be kept in a dry container and away from odor-intensive products. In its unopened original package under the above mentioned conditions the product has a shelf life of 15-24 months.


BTC’s bakery enzymes produced by BASF are named Nutrilife®. These enzymes improve the dough stability during mixing and fermentation with less stickiness, better machinability and safer production. Furthermore they improve the volume for a more attractive appearance and better taste development and they also improve the crumb softness.

The product range Nutrilife® AM is a standardized Alpha-Amylase. This product can be applied in various kinds of yeast raised product applications with soft texture like pan bread, sandwich, bread, soft buns, steamed buns or Panettone as well as with crispy texture like crispy rolls, bread and baguette to improve oven spring and volume. For better results regarding volume the combination with Xylanase-containing ingredients is suggested, e.g. Nutrilife® CCX range, Nutrilife® CS or Nutrilife® KC.

Nutrilife® AS is the product range, which is containing Alpha-Amylase and Xylanase. This enzyme range is used in yeast raised product applications with soft texture like pan bread, sandwich, bread, soft buns, steamed buns or Panettone. It is influencing the crumb structure to obtain a unique, softer and more elastic baked good with a shelf life of 1 – 2 weeks.

The product range Nutrilife® CCX is a standardized non-GMO Xylanase and designed for crispy yeast raised products, e.g. crispy rolls, bread, baguette as well as soft yeast raised applications like toast, bread and hamburger buns. It improves the dough processing properties (machinability and mixing tolerance. It is also resulting in higher volume, uniform crumb structure and good overall appearance in final goods.

The enzyme preparation of Xylanase, Cellulase and Amylase named Nutrilife® CS range is universally applicable for a broad range of bakery applications to improve the dough stability during processing as well as to influence the final volume in yeast raised goods like bread, rolls or croissants.

Nutrilife® EM L range is the enzyme preparation containing Lipase for dough stability, tolerance and volume for improvers with reduced Datem or SSL levels. For better results regarding volume the combination with Xylanase containing ingredient can be suggested, e.g. Nutrilife® AM 100, Nutrilfe® CCX 10, Nutrilife® CCX 12, Nutrilife® KC.

The product range Nutrilife® GOX is a standardized Glucose Oxidase. It stabilizes the Gluten network and therefore improves the dough stability. Nutrilife® GOX can be applied in various kinds of yeast raised dough.

Nutrilife® KC range is an enzyme preparation, which is containing Xylanase and Cellulase. It is applicable for yeast raised baked goods especially with high fat and high sugar levels e.g. donuts to improve the shape and volume as well as to lower the fat absorption during production. For croissants Nutrilife® KC can be used as an alternative to Nutrilife® CS range for improving the volume and layer appearance.

For texture and shape improvement of rye flour containing baked goods the enzyme range Nutrilife® R is recommended. Nutrilife® R is an enzyme preparation containing Cellulase and Xylanase.