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Crosspure® > for filtration (kieselgur replacement) and stabilisation of beer, wine, juice

Crosspure® is a new and innovative filter aid, developed by BASF to replace the Kieselguhr. Due to the fact that PVPP is included in the Crosspure® particles, the filtration process is complemented by the effect of polyphenol adsorption. Crosspure® is therefore not only used for filtration but in parallel also for colloidal stabilization of beer. Filtration with Crosspure® means, from a technological point of view, nothing else than proceeding with the very well-known precoat filtration.

Compared with conventional products, Crosspure® provides even more advantages:

  • Crosspure® is regenerable.
  • Crosspure® is applied as a recycling product:

    • No additional costs for disposal
    • Reduced transport costs
    • Minimum storage costs

  • Crosspure® has a consistent quality (≠ natural filter aids).
  • Crosspure® is not abrasive.
  • Crosspure® is safer in handling. -> no formation of dust
  • Crosspure® improves the flavour stability -> no migration of metal ions into the beer (compared to Kieselguhr)
  • Crosspure® is a precoat filtration technology:

    • Use of existing equipment
    • Minimum investments necessary

Crosspure® is used as a processing aid. A special approval within the EU is not needed. Crosspure® is FDA approved in the US as a food contact material. Specific regulations in the respective countries have to be respected – please ask the local sales representative. Crosspure® is not harmful to health if it is properly handled and used for the purpose intended.
Furthermore the use of Crosspure® goes along with the German purity law of 1516, due to the complete removal during filtration.


Crosspure® F, Crosspure® XF


Crosspure® is available in powder form. In order to maintain its effectiveness, Crosspure® should be kept in a dry place in its closed packaging at ambient temperatures. Stored in its sealed original packaging its activity is stable for at least 3 years. Crosspure® is a white, hygroscopic powder with a weak characteristic odor.


Crosspure® is intended for reuse. Therefore special filtration and regeneration equipment is necessary (very similar to PVPP regeneration). Usually Crosspure® F and XF (different particle sizes) are used in combination (ratio dependent on the filterability of the beer) and are dosed as a ~10% suspension to the beer stream. To provide an ideal conditioning of the fresh material it is recommended to conduct one caustic rinsing procedure, inclusive neutralization with water before its first use.
The dry substance can be measured by gravimetric methods to calculate the dosing amount and/or to replace the losses. After its use for combined filtration and stabilization it has to be regenerated. By using a 1-2% caustic solution in the regeneration process the adsorbed polyphenols will be re-solved and washed out with water afterwards. Depending on the yeast load of the filtered beer additional regeneration steps are required.