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BTC Europe at the CHEMUK Expo 2022

Meet us at the 2022 CHEMUK Expo at Stand L 19.

CHEMUK is the UK’s only trade show dedicated to bringing together the multi-layer Chemicals/Chemical Product development, specification & processing/manufacturing communities, with crucial supply chain supplier groups.

Our CHEMUK Highlights

Our product portfolio features over 6000 chemicals from BASF including plasticisers, oxygenated solvents, alcohols, speciality amines, metal alcoholates, technical salts, isocyanates, polyols and amine-catalysts for polyurethane formulation and high-purity inorganics & acids. We develop tailor-made solutions based on the technical and commercial needs of our customers by drawing on the unique advantages of belonging to the world’s leading chemical group.

Our portfolio also includes certain innovative options for sustainable chemistry developed by BASF based on recycled feedstocks and renewables that are proven to support the development of greener and more sustainable solutions within the chemical industry.

Our customers benefit from a broad and innovative chemical product portfolio; local technical experts & dedicated customer service teams and the 11,000 strong research and development team that drives BASF’s innovation and quality.

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Industrial Petrochemicals

Our oxygenated solvents comprise alcohols, glycol ethers and esters. These solvents are used mainly as precursors for coatings and paints. They are also used in products and manufacturing processes for detergents, pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, lubricants, adhesives as well as cosmetics and personal care.


Our speciality monomers are not just basic components found in many polymer applications they are also system solutions designed for our customers’ needs.  


Together with BASF we offer a broad portfolio of phthalate, adipate and polymeric plasticisers for standard and specialilty applications, that bring flexibility and stability to PVC products. Hexamoll® DINCH offers a well-trusted non-phthalate option for applications with close human contact, and the range also features biomass-balanced and Ccycled™ grades based on renewable feedstocks and those produced from chemically recycled waste plastic.






The Intermediates division of BASF develops, produces and markets the world’s largest range of intermediates. From a portfolio of more than 600 products BTC Europe offers selected speciality amines, acids & specialities, diol derivatives and others. These products are used as starting materials for coatings, plastics, pharmaceuticals, textile fibres, detergents and crop-protectants. Our intermediates help improve the properties of critical end products and improve process efficiency









We supply a diverse portfolio of high-quality basic and speciality inorganics including technical and food grade salts as well as metal alcoholates used as catalysts to produce biodiesel, and important Lewis Acids such as aluminium chloride and boron trifluoride for organic synthesis. Hydroxylamine derivatives including hydroxylamine free-base are also important reagents / building blocks for many industries including pharmaceutical and agrochemical.









BTC Europe offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for the PU industries including MDI & TDI isocyanates, polyether and polyester polyols, amine catalysts and processing additives for light stabilization, thermal stabilization, anti-statics, flame retardants, cross-linking agents, surfactants and PU dispersions.







Performance Chemicals

As well as basic, intermediate and speciality chemicals, BTC also offers a broad portfolio of performance chemistry used in a variety of chemical reactions including polyalkylene, polyethylene and polypropylene glycols; speciality surfactants for emulsion polymerisation; Lutropur MSA (methane sulfonic acid) for chemical synthesis and water soluble polymers.






Digital solutions / apps

  • EasySelect – search for the most suitable products for your formulation requirements



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Our Speakers

Introducing the "British Chemicals Association" (formerly BACS)...

...a new name for new set of challenges
Wednesday 1220-1240 - Stage 1

  • Lisa Kelly, BASF plc and British Chemicals Association (BCA) Chair

ChemCycling™ and Resource Efficiency

Wednesday 1240-1300 - Stage 1

  • Dr Geoff Mackey, Corporate Affairs & Sustainability Director, BASF plc
  • Dr Darren Budd, Commercial Director BASF plc: ChemCycling™ and Resource Efficiency

Trade and Trade Resilience
Thursday  1240-1300 - Stage 2

UK REACH What’s new in ’22!
Wednesday and Thursday
1400-1500 - Stage 1

  • Hosted by Neil Hollis, Regulatory Affairs Manager, BASF plc with a panel drawn from government/gov agency, industry, associations, NGO & legal sources