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Glysantin® engine coolant concentrates

Glysantin® types are engine coolant concentrates based on ethylene glycol for water cooled engines. Available are products of all inhibitor technologies.


The Glysantin® brand is now one of the world's most frequently-used products for initial filling. The ethylene glycol coolant concentrate is continuously adapted to the latest requirements of the leading car manufacturers, to protect the engine of any car against corrosion, overheating and frost.

GLYSANTIN FC G20 RM/50 COLOURLESS 30244083 offer
GLYSANTIN G05 YELLOW 30177333 offer
GLYSANTIN G130 SC PINK 30170766 offer
GLYSANTIN G148 SC BLUEGREEN 30054275 offer
GLYSANTIN G30 PINK 30279144 offer
GLYSANTIN G30 RM/50 PINK 30643434 offer
GLYSANTIN G34 ORANGE 30154302 offer
GLYSANTIN G40 PINK 30436305 offer
GLYSANTIN G40 RM/50 PINK 30643596 offer
GLYSANTIN G48 BLUEGREEN 30052793 offer
GLYSANTIN G48 RM/50 BLUEGREEN 30197551 offer
GLYSANTIN G64 GREEN 30631156 offer
GLYSANTIN G64 RM/50 GREEN 30638731 offer
GLYSANTIN G64 RM/50 GREEN 30638731 offer

Special offer in the Chemical Outlet for the following packaging unit:
4x5L Fibreboard boxes

GLYSANTIN G65 PINK 30675903 offer
GLYSANTIN GG40 PINK 30503005 offer