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Dispersions and additives > for industrial adhesives and pressure sensitive adhesives

Industrial adhesives

Industrial adhesives: Acronal®, Lutonal®, Luvitec®, Urecoll®, Luphen®, Basonat®, Collacral®, Latekoll® and Lumiten® types
Acrylic and polyurethane dispersions among other product classes like PVP, polyvinylalkylether etc., put you in a position to produce high-performance, low-cost and environmentally friendly industrial adhesives for a wide range of applications. See also our product line 'PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone)'.

  • Packaging adhesives
    BTC offer adhesive raw materials suitable for packaging applications such as wet labeling, folding box gluing, and the manufacture of flexible packaging.
  • Laminating adhesives
  • Additives for industrial adhesives
    BTC's range of dispersions is supplemented by a number of additives. Whether your requirement is for crosslinkers, thickeners, defoamers or wetting agents: our range of additives is well worth investigating. More specific information on industrial adhesives are available on the BASF website.

Pressure sensitive adhesives

Pressure sensitive adhesives: Acronal®, acResin®, Latekoll®, Basonat®, Collacral® and Lumiten® types
New self-adhesive technology offers a modern alternative to classical bonding methods. The outstanding properties of BASF´s pressure-sensitive adhesives are used in high quality labels, tapes, films and other special self-adhesives articles:

  • Films
    BTC offers self adhesive decorative films, protective films and sound deadening sheets
  • Labels
    BTC offers self adhesive for permanent or removable paper and filmic labels
  • Tapes
    BTC offers self adhesive  double sided tapes, masking tapes, medical tapes, insulating tapes, packaging tapes, ducting tapes and others
  • Additives for pressure-sensitive adhesives. More specific information on pressure sensitive adhesives are available on the BASF website.

To get more information about industrial adhesives / pressure sensitive adhesives please see also our 'Architectural coatings industry' page.

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