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Formulation Additives > for the composite industry

Formulation additives impart the optimization of composites properties by enhancing adhesion, rheology and wetting abilities. BTC’s formulation additives for the thermoset composites comprise of air release agents, wetting and dispersing agents, flow and levelling agents and slip agents.

Air release agents for thermoset composites

Entrapped air in the composites matrix affects negatively the composites properties, besides others the porosity, the osmose and the mechanical properties. Air release agents are designed to first eliminate the air bubble entrapped, secondly to prevent the formation of air-bubbles and enable the air bubbles to rise to the surface and collapse.



Properties of air release agents

  • Efka® PB air release agents are polymer based.
  • Efka® SI agents are silicon based.
  • Efka® PB and Efka® SI series are formulated on a broad technology portfolio of polysiloxanes, polyacrylates and/or other organic polymers.
  • Efka® air release agents provide a comprehensive range of solutions for thermoset resin-based composite matrix formulations.

​Application areas of air release agents

BTC’s Efka® air release agents are used

  • to suppress and destroy foam and its negative effects during application in the thermoset composites,
  • to remove or inhibit air bubbles.

Efka® air release agents are important process aids throughout the production as well as the applications process. Manufacturers benefit from foam-free production processes by reaching their desired results much quicker.

Dispersing agents for thermoset composites



Dispex® Ultra

Properties of dispersing agents for composites

Efka® dispersing agents are available as

  • low molecular weight dispersants: Efka® FA and Dispex® Ultra FA,
  • high molecular weight or polymeric dispersants: Efka® PU, Efka® PA and Efka® PX.

Efka® and Dispex® Ultra provide a comprehensive range of solution for thermoset resin-based composites matrix formulations.

Applications of dispersing agents used for composites

BTC’s Efka® and Dispex® Ultra dispersing agents are used

  • to wet,
  • to stabilize,
  • to increase loading of pigments and other fillers in the thermoset composites.
  • Efka® PU 4061 provides stabilization of low shrink formulations mainly in SMC/BMC applications (sheet moulding compound / bulk moulding compound).

For formulators they represent an essential component as they provide

  • colour strength,
  • gloss,
  • viscosity stability and
  • prevent sedimentation of fillers (e.g. glass fibers).

Substrate wetting agents and surface modifiers for the thermoset composites

The substrate nature influences the substrate wetting properties and the profile of the composites surface materials after curing. Wetting agents and surface modifiers

  • improve the surface tension of the compounds,
  • improve the coating applied on top,
  • prevent surface defects.



Properties of substrate wetting agents

Efka® dispersing agents are available as Efka® SL and Efka® FL series.

Efka® SL types

  • are organomodified silicones,
  • influence the surface of the compounds,
  • impart slip and levelling of compounds.

Efka® FL types

  • have an acrylic based chemistry,
  • impart flow and levelling of compounds.

Applications of substrate wetting agents

Efka® types are used as wetting agents and surface modifiers. They prevent surface defects during the application of the composites and optimize the profile of the dry surface.

Further products for the composites industry

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