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Anionic surfactants > for detergents and cleaning agents

BTC´s anionic surfactants are derived from natural and synthetic alcohols. They act mainly as primary surfactants in the detergent and cleaning industry and as cleaning agents due to their strong washing performance and foaming properties.


Texapon® (fatty alcohol sulfates, fatty alcohol ether sulfates)
Sulfopon® (fatty alcohol sulfates)
Lutensit® (customized blends of anionic surfactants)

Properties of our anionic surfactants for detergents and cleaning agents

Our Texapon® grades (linear alcohol ether sulfates), Sulfopon® grades (alcohol sulfates) and Lutensit® grades (anionic surfactant blends) are the workhorses of the household, institutional and industrial detergents industry.

Depending on product type, our anionic surfactants can come in a variety of forms, from water-thin and viscous liquids to paste or even powders and granules for dry product formulations. We offer convenient product forms for convenient formulations!

Applications of our anionic surfactants for detergents and cleaning agents

The variety of cleaning applications in the industry induces the use of multitude anionic surfactants.

With our Texapon® grades we offer outstanding detergency and cleaning quality to manufacture liquid dishwashing and technical cleaning agents as well as liquid duty detergents. Because of its good foam characteristic and the easy thickening with salt, the products are suited for a wide range of cleaning applications. Especially the short fatty alcohol products show significant fast action in water containing solutions.

Under the brand name Texapon® we offer fatty alcohol ether sulfates and fatty alcohol sulfates.

The manufacturing of the Sulfopon® granule grades is based on fluidized bed granulation and the resulting granule structure allows the convenient addition of fatty alcohol sulfates (FAS) into laundry detergents and cleaning agents, based on solid and powdered recipes. The granules are not only suitable for home care applications, but also for the industrial and institutional sector.

The Lutensit® surfactants are suitable for a wide range of household, all-purpose, sanitary and floor cleaners applications on account of their outstanding surface activity.

Further products for the detergents and cleaners industry (industrial and institutional – I&I - and home care)

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the detergents and cleaners industry cover besides our anionic surfactants also organic acids for detergents & cleaning and for technical formulations also surfactants, water soluble polymers, complexing agents, biocides, colourants, besides others.