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The requirements to be met by nonwovens made of synthetic fiber vary a great deal, depending on the application. In construction, the fashion industry or even in the medical field, the material must be tear-proof, weather-resistant, flexible, light-weight, soft or absorbent. Binding agents which are used to produce high-performance PET substrates, are the basis for the development of modern roof membranes. Nonwovens are furthermore indispensable for diapers, hygiene products or household cloths. In the fashion industry, they keep suits and coats permanently ‘in shape’. With the help of our binding agent systems, sold under the brand names Acronal®, Styrofan® and Saduren®, the properties required for the respective end product can be adjusted accordingly.




BTC’s range of acrylic and styrene acrylic Acronal® dispersions covers both selfcrosslinking and non selfcrosslinking dispersions. 
Saduren® is a melamine-formaldehyde resin.
Styrofan® types are styrene/butadien dispersions.
Emuldur® types are polyurethane dispersions.


BTC’s range of Acronal®, Styrofan® and Emuldur® types give nonwovens made of synthetic fibers their exceptional and different functional properties.
Our binders give the best performance to a wide range of applications like interlining for fashion, caps and insoles for shoes, medical nonwovens, roofing membranes, technical nonwovens, household cloth, diapers, hygiene products and nonwovens for the construction industry.