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Emollients > for a great variety of sensorial profiles

BTC offers a broad portfolio of emollients ranging from slow to fast-spreading emollients which include esters, glycerides, natural oils and waxes, carbonates, ethers, hydrocarbons, alcohols and polyols. Emollients play a key role in emulsions and are used to add valuable moisturizing, lubricating, protection, conditioning and softening properties to personal care products.


Cegesoft®, Cetiol®, Cutina®, Eutanol®, Fitoderm®, Isopropyl, Isopropylmyritstate, Luvitol®, Myritol®


The Cegesoft® range includes natural oils coming beside others from sunflower seeds, soy beens, canola seeds, candelilla oil – all rich in unsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.
The Cetiol® range comprises emollients with different characteristics. Characteristics which help to choose the right emollient are spreading behaviour, molecular weight, polarity, functionality, specific performance profiles and sensory properties.
Cetiol® Sensoft combines best solubility with a unique skin sensory and multi-dimensional softness.
Cetiol® CC combines best solubility with excellent skin sensation.
Cetiol® RLF is the light emollient proven to be suitable for sensitive skin.
Cetiol® C 5 is the naturally derived alternative to cyclomethicone with excellent sensory performance.
Cetiol® B is an excellent solvent for all crystalline UV-filter.
Myritol® 331 offers effective solubilisation with medium spreading and a dry skin feel. It offers excellent wetting for physical sunscreens.
Cetiol® AB is a popular emollient in suncare. It is a very good solvent for crystalline UV-filters, supporting the absorption of UV rays.
Eutanol® G is a medium spreading emollient which is hydrolysis stable due to its chemical structure and it is therefore beneficially suitable for all formulations where a wide pH range is needed.
Fitoderm® is a medium spreading emollient with structures similar to those found in the skin sebum.
Isopropyl Palmitate / Isopropylmyristate are oils of medium polarity with a mean molecular weight. They are traditional, fast spreading emollients for cosmetic applications.
Luvitol® EHO is a cosmetic oil, which can be used in all kinds of cosmetic preparations. It is dedicated as a component of the fatty phase in oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions.
Luvitol® Lite is a cosmetic oil, which can be used in all kinds of cosmetic preparations. It is ideal as a component of the oil phase in cosmetic and dermatologic applications.
Myritol® 312 / Myritol 318 are polar medium spreading emollients for various cosmetic applications.


Emollients from BTC comprise the Cegesoft®, Cetiol®, Cutina®, Eutanol®, Fitoderm®, Isopropyl®, Isopropylmyritstate®, Luvitol® and Myritol® brands. They are used for all kinds of personal care applications e.g in creams, lotions, fluids, masks, balm, decorative cosmetics, wipes and many more.


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