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Pigments > for the colouration of plastics

BTC Europe supplies BASF’s organic and inorganic pigments, organic mono-pigment preparations, effect pigments and dyes specially developed for the mass colouration of plastics by all the usual processing techniques - injection moulding, extrusion, calendaring, etc. They cover a broad spectrum of requirements - heat stability, dispersibility, light and weather fastness, and many more - and can be dispersed into virtually all plastics.


Organic pigments, Cinquasia®, Cromophtal®, Irgalite®, Irgazin®, Heliogen®, Paliogen®, Paliotol®

Inorganic pigments

Sicopal®, Sicotan®, Sicotrans®


Organic pigments

BTC’s Cinquasia® and Irgazin® pigments show outstanding weathering resistance and processing stability, both properties required for top quality colouration of plastics, fibres and speciality printing inks.

Pigments of the Cromophtal® range are high-grade organic pigments with very good fastness to light, heat, solvents and chemicals.
They are particularly suitable for the colouration of plastics, fibres and speciality printing inks.

Heliogen® phthalocyanine blue pigments and Heliogen® green pigments show extremely good fastness and weatherability properties, excellent lot to lot consistency and compatibility with most resins.  Selected Heliogen® pigments are also very easy to disperse, which makes them outstanding in fibre applications.

The Irgalite® classical organic pigments vary appreciably in chemical type and in technical properties. They are widely used in the plastics industry as well as in the fibres, paint, printing inks industry and allied industries.

Paliogen® pigments are high performance organic pigments with high colour strength and shades from yellowish red to violet. They exhibit outstanding fastness and weatherability properties.  They are excellent performers in engineering resins in very deep and bright shades.

Paliotol® is our trademark for a series of high performance organic yellow pigments from greenish to reddish shades.  They are tailored to the processing and applications of your plastics. Some have outstanding heat stability even in engineering resins.

Inorganic pigments

BTC’s Sicopal® range are inorganic pigments with spinal structure based on various metal oxides. All Sicopal® pigments have excellent heat stabilities and outstanding fastness to light and weathering.

Sicotan® pigments are inorganic mixed-phase yellow and brown pigments. They have excellent fastness to light, weathering, chemicals and heat, even in extreme reductions. Sicotan® pigments are suitable for use in blends with organic pigments for brilliant shades with high opacity. Their high heat stability makes them suitable in most resins. Our chrome- and nickel-titanium yellows are available in low-dust, free-flowing forms.

Sicotrans® pigments are transparent iron oxide pigments, which are extremely finely divided.


BTC’s wide range of colourants, namely the Cinquasia®, Cromophtal®, Irgalite®, Irgazin®, Heliogen®, Paliogen®, Paliotol®, Sicopal®, Sicotan® and Sicotrans® brands are suitable for a variety of industries. They find use in a variety of plastics industry applications as well as in the automotive, agriculture, building & construction, electrical & electronics, packaging and also in the textiles & fibres industries. In adddition the colourants are used in application fields in newly emerging markets.