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Lubricants and additives > for lubricants manufacturing

BTC Europe provides a broad range of lubricant additives supported by an in-depth understanding of lubricant applications and performance targets. Our products protect against oxidation and minimize rust and wear and they ensure stable and reliable equipment performance.
BTC’s lubricant additives offer premium performance and protection in the following areas:

  • Engine oil additives such as antioxidants, antiwear and extreme pressure additives, metal deactivators, corrosion inhibitors, pour point depressants, and viscosity modifiers.
  • Basestocks including polyalklylene glycols (PAG) and ester basestocks suited for refrigeration, air conditioning and industrial cooling applications.


Amine O, Breox®, Irgacor®, Irgaflo®, Irgafos®, Irgalube®, Irgamet®, Irganox®, Sarkosyl® O, Synative®


Amine O is an oil soluble liquid imidazoline derivative.

BTC’s Breox® range covers water soluble and water insoluble polyalklylene glycols (PAGs) and high viscosity polyalklylene glycols. Their high thermal and oxidative stability, excellent lubricity, high film strength and load capacity, anti-wear properties, micropitting resistance, and shear stability make them an ideal choice as base stock for formulating high-performance industrial lubricants. 

Irgacor® corrosion inhibitors protect ferrous metals against rust and oxidation. In some cases, multi-metal protection is possible. Oil soluble and water soluble products are available, with low foaming tendency and excellent air release. Use of ashless corrosion inhibitors can also reduce heavy metal contamination of the environment. Many of the products are FDA (Food and Drug Regulation USA) regulated for use in incidental food-contact applications.

Irgaflo® products are polymethacrylate rheology modifiers.

Irganox® types are antioxidants which help extend the life and improve the performance of industrial and engine lubricants. The manufacturing industry benefits from longerequipment life and fewer maintenance shutdowns. Automotive lubricants benefitfrom longer drain intervals and improved fuel economy. Many of our antioxidants are FDA regulated to formulate incidental food contact lubricants and greases for use in food-handling and manufacturing equipment.

The Irgalube® line of antiwear additives is especially developed for formulating antiwearcompressor and hydraulic fluids, gear oils and greases. Irgalube® provides longterm lubricant stability together with excellent antiwear and corrosion prevention whileprotecting industrial and mobile equipment operating at high pressure and temperature. Irgalube® products are hydrolytically stable and provide excellent compatibilitywith system contaminants such as water, calcium and zinc.

Irgamet® metal deactivators are yellow metal passivators. High synergism with Irganox® antioxidants gives superior oxidative stability of the fluid. Oil soluble and water soluble products are available. Several are FDA regulated for use inincidental food-contact applications.

Synative® types are high-quality esters and offer the formulator a broad pallet of properties to work with. The range includes standard viscosity esters acting as the base fluids but also high-viscosity, shear stable esters that can be used to achieve the desired viscosity grade finished lubricant with superior performance (energy efficiency, long drain intervals, improved equipment protection etc). The Synative® product range includes:

  • monoesters
  • methylesters
  • polyol / complex esters (high viscosity)
  • diesters


BTC’s lubricants and additives are specialists for the production of transportation lubricants, such as transmission oils, axle oils, 2 and 4 stroke oils.Typical industrial lubricants applications are industrial gear oils, hydraulic fluids, compressor oils, turbine lubricants, chain lubricants, grease, food lubricants, textile lubricants, high temp lubricants.

Amine O is used for lubricant applications such as in hydraulic, gears, grease, ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluids).

BTC’s Breox® types are perfectly suitable for polyalkylene glycol based stocks. They are used in many lubricant applications including 

  • industrial gear oils, 
  • quenchants,
  • fire resistant hydraulic fluids, 
  • compressor oils, 
  • chain and textile lubricants,
  • high temp lubricants,
  • food grade lubricants.

BTC’s Irgacor®, Irgaflo®, Irgafos®, Irgalube®, Irgamet®, Irganox® lubricants are applied for applications such as 

  • rust & oxidation, 
  • compressor fluid, 
  • turbine oil, 
  • engine oil,
  • hydraulic fluid, 
  • gear oil, 
  • ATF (automatic transmission fluids),
  • grease.

Irgaflo® products are used in a broad range of applications including engine oils, hydraulic fluids, crank case fluids, R&O oils, industrial gear oils, transmission fluids and shock absorbers. Irgaflo® Pour Point Depressants are engineered to provide cost effective solutions to your low temperature viscometric requirements. Irgaflo® viscosity modifiers offer superior thickening efficiency at very low treat rates.

Sarkosyl® O is a lubricant additive applied for 

  • hydraulic oils, 
  • grease, 
  • gear oil. 

Synative® is the specialist for 

  • for 2 and 4 stroke oil, 
  • hydraulic fluids, 
  • lube additives
  • friction modifier additive for hydraulic fluids and motor oils,
  • industrial greases and gear oils,
  • axle oils, 
  • compressor oils.


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