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BTC supplies the Sicocer® pigment range developed for ceramic applications like glazes for wall and floor tiles, body mass colourations, glass, roof tiles, and ceramic digital ink jet inks.


Black Olive®

Properties and applications

The Sicocer® F range stains are high-grade products that in their various fields of applications are characterized by high colour strength, purity and stability. To provide the specialist with more information, besides the usual statement of elemental basis we also list the type of compound (crystal structure) for each stain. As is generally known, the application possibilities for each stain can derived from the type of compound.
During firing, an interaction takes place between glaze and stain, or between stain and ceramic body, that influences the shade therefore in addition to factors such as firing duration and temperature, and kiln atmosphere (e.g. reducing or sulfurous), the composition of glaze or body has a significant effect on the shade. Careful selection of the right glaze or body type is therefore an important prerequisite for achieving the desired shade and helps ensure the stability of the chosen stain.

The Sicocer® range can be used for all print applications due to the fine particle size distribution, e.g. uniform layer, ink-flat screen print and ink–rotational screen print.

Black Olive® is a specialty mica based black effect pigment, coated with a cobalt ferrite. The champagne coloured undertone offers a wide spectrum of colour designs. This revolutionary product expands the range of absorption colours which are possible to be achieved with mica based pigments in the black and brownish colour palette.

The Mearlin® effect pigments based on mica are coated with titanium or different iron oxides to reach colour shades from pearly white covering all the interference colours of the rainbow. Semitransparent pigments cover the spectrum from light gold via brass and copper to deep metallic red.