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Colourants > for personal care applications

With today’s sophisticated formulations and transparent packaging, it has
become even more challenging to maintain a product’s key visual and
sensorial appearance. Colour is an important criterion for sensorial appeal,
used to boost product placement and recognition and is therefore essential
for commercial success. BTC offers a broad range of water soluble colours.




Puricolor® dyes are high-quality cosmetic dyes and pigments. The pigment range consists of inorganic minerals like iron oxides and ultramarines, as well as liquid dispersions. For bright shades our synthetic Puricolor® organic dyes are the perfect choice. Puricolor® products meet the material specifications of the EU Cosmetic Directive. Some selected products correspond also to the Japanese MHLW. The Puricolor® range of FDA Colours are FDA batch-certified and meet the US FDA requirements for personal care products as well. All Puricolor® products feature stringent microbiological specifications.


Puricolor® dyes from BTC find uses in all kind of cosmetic applications.


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