Complexing agents > for protection against calcification, against deposit of boiler scale and corrosion protection in the oil & oilfield industry

Trilon® and Quadrol® complexing agents are chelating agents based on amino polycarboxylates and amino alcohols. Chelation of metal ions enables the usage in all water based processes.

Highly effective, readily biodegradable

Trilon® A types (nitrilotriacetic acid and its sodium salts)
The Trilon® A complexing agents form stable complexes. They are particularly effective for complexing Ca2 and Mg2 ions. These complexing agents are readily biodegradable.

Effective for heavy metal ions

Trilon® B types (ethylene diamintetraacetic acid Na- and NH4 salts)
The Trilon® B complexing agents form very stable complexes for almost all metal ions. They are particularly effective for chelating heavy metal ions such as iron, manganese and copper, etc. They can be used in a versatile range of applications.

The effective stabilizer for highest complex stability

Trilon® C types (diethylene triaminepentaacetic acid and its sodium salt)
The Trilon® C complexing agents form extremely stable complexes. They are particularly effective as stabilizers for H2O2 under alkaline conditions, such as in the pulp and paper industry.

The green product for metal complexation, readily biodegradable

Trilon® M types (methylglycine diacetic acid, trisodium salt)
Trilon® M complexing agents are the perfect choice for "green" product formulations, because they have a very favorable toxicity profile and are readily biodegradeable. A better solubility (compared to standard aminocarboxylates) is an additional advantage.

Complexing agent for highly alkaline media, neutralisation additive

Quadrol® L
Quadrol® L is a diamine alkoxylate, which is an ideal neutralisation additive for acidic compounds in industrial applications, as well as an excellent chelating agent for heavy metal ions in highly alkaline formulations.

The polymeric complexing agent, bioeliminable

Trilon® P liquid (modified anionic polyamine)
Trilon® P liquid is a polymeric complexing agent that exhibits high complex stability and therefore can be used to stabilize the bleach in processes like pulp and paper production. Trilon® P liquid can be eliminated effectively from waste water streams in waste water treatment plants.