Actives > as preservatives and biocides

Preservatives are added to products to prevent decomposition by microbial growth or by undesirable changes. Biocides are added to protect the formulation against biological infestation and growth.


Bronidox®, Irgacare®


Bronidox® L is an almost colourless transparent liquid of propylene glycol and 5-bromo-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane. The product is suitable for the preservation of cosmetic surfactant preparations which are rinsed off after application and do not contain secondary amine. Bronidox® L is temperature stable up to 40°C.
Irgacare® MP is a highly efficient broad-spectrum antimicrobial based on Triclosan. The product shows activity against gram–negative and gram–positive bacteria as well as yeast and fungi.


Bronidox® types are used in shampoos, foam bath, hand cleansing pastes, other surfactant preparations, and rinse off products for pH 5-8.
Irgacare® is widely used in personal care and human hygiene applications.
Irgacare® MP is a medical grade especially designed for incorporation into oral care applications.