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Effect pigments > for beauty and personal care products

BTC offers a broad range of effect pigments and specialty minerals for cosmetics including beauty care products and personal care products.


For calcium sodium borosilicate substrates:
ReflecksTM, ReflecksTM Dimensions, ReflecksTM Colors, ReflecksTM MultiDimensions

For Mica substrates:
Timica®, Flamenco®, Cloisonné®, Duocrome®, Gemtone®, Cellini®, Desert Reflections®, MultiReflectionsTM

For synthetic Mica substrates:
ChioneTM Pigment

For bismuth oxychloride substrates:
Biju®, Biju® Ultra, Pearl-Glo®, Mearlite®, Bi-Lite®, Chroma-Lite®

For specialty performance minerals substrates:


The pigment range presents an extensive variety of white pigments, a full range of colours and iridescent pearls, plus natural looking, vibrant, shiny, and metallic shades. Effects range from matte-like to high sparkle.


BTC has an extensive range of effect pigments which are used in beauty care products, decorative cosmetics and personal care products.