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Anionic surfactants > for rinse off applications

BTC’s anionic surfactant range includes basic surfactants with various options for applications as well as surfactant compounds for special applications.


Lamepon®, Plantapon®, Texapon®, Sulfopon®


Lamepon® S is an ultra mild anionic surfactant which improves the skin and mucous membrane compatibility of surfactant preparations. It is particularly suitable for shampoos, body wash and bath preparations.
Plantapon® ACG-HC and LC are preferably suited as a co-surfactant in mild body cleansing preparations such as e.g. foam and shower baths.
Plantapon® LC 7 is the absolutely mildest care surfactant within BTC’s portfolio. It shows moisture balancing and protection for the daily cleansing routine. In addition Plantapon® LC 7 protects the skin’s natural microflora, maintains the skin barrier function and thus balances and positively influences the skin’s ’ecosystem’.
Plantapon® LGC Sorb is an anionic surfactant that combines the characteristic mildness of APG® with excellent foaming and sensory properties, making it especially suitable for use in mild rinse-off applications.
Plantapon® SUS is a highly active detergent base with significant emulsifying and wetting properties and with good foam behaviour.
The Texapon® and Sulfopon® ranges comprise basic surfactants with various application possibilities.


Lamepon®, Plantapon®, Texapon®, Sulfopon® are anionic surfactants for rinse off applications e.g. in surfactant preparations, oral care, shampoos, shower and bath products.