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Nonionic surfactants > as alkyl polyglucosides

Our alkyl polyglucoside line Plantacare® is a special class of nonionic surfactants obtained from renewable, plant-derived feedstocks. They stand for first-rate environmental and skin compatibility profiles, creating a perfect synergy of mildness, foaming performance and effective cleansing.




All Plantacare® types are made from 100% renewable feedstocks. They provide an outstanding mildness, excellent foaming behavior and cleansing properties and they are compatible with various surfactants. They show an excellent eco-toxicological profile as well as an ultimate biodegradability under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. They are recommended for different ecolabel concepts.


Plantacare® is used in products for body wash, foam bath, shampoo, facial cleansing, sensitive skin, baby concepts, liquid soap, wet wipes, oral care and more.