Thickeners > for surfactant based rinse off formulations

BTC offers a complete range of high-performance thickening agents and foam stabilizers in solid, liquid and blended form. Arlypon® and Comperlan® types from BTC thicken all surfactant-based formulations effectively and cost efficiently.


Arlypon®, Comperlan®, Eumulgin®, Rheocare®


Arlypon® TT combines the advantages of a micellar and associative thickener. It shows universal suitability for common surfactant based formulations and offers improved temperature stability to ensure optimum viscosity especially for surfactant systems that present a thickening challenge.
Due to their viscosity increasing properties, Arlypon® F/FT , Comperlan® types and Eumulgin® EO 33 are used as thickener in cosmetic surfactant-based preparations.


BTC’s high-performance thickening agents of the Arlypon®, Comperlan®, Eumulgin® and Rheocare® ranges are used in cosmetic surfactant-based formulations e.g. for shampoos, body wash, facial wash and more.