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Waxes > as WO emulsifiers and cream bases

Emulsifiers are surfactant types typically used to keep emulsions (mixtures of immiscib fluids) well dispersed. Emulsifiers typically have a hydrophobic (water-hating) and a hydrophilic (water-liking) end.


Cutina®, Monomuls®


Monomuls® 90-L 12 is a nonionic emulsifier for the production of cosmetic W/O emulsions. Cutina® AGS is used as consistency giving factor for cosmetic creams and emulsions. In addition Cutina® AGS shows pearlizing and opacifing properties in shampoo und shower bath applications.


Monomuls® 90-L 12 and Cutina® AGS are used in cosmetic W/O emulsions e.g. in shampoo und shower bath applications.