C-30 Ester > for intensifying yellow pigmentation of egg yolk and broiler skin

C-30 ester occurs in nature as a metabolic product of apocarotenal, which can be extracted from grass, lucerne, green vegetables and citrus fruits.
Pigmentation of egg-yolks and broiler skin is due to the yellow pigments consumed in the feed. C-30 ester is applied exclusively in the poultry sector in order to impart a golden-yellow colour to egg yolks and skin.




Lucantin® Yellow is a powder formulation which swells slowly in cold water, more rapidly in warm water (40°C) and finally disintegrates to form a dispersion. Lucantin® Yellow contains at least 10% C-30 Ester (ß-apo-8’-carotenoic acid ethyl ester).


Lucantin® Yellow is used as a feed additive to intensify the yellow pigmentation of egg yolk and broiler skin.