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Aerating cake emulsifiers > for food

The brand Spongolit® comprises a range of cake emulsifier preparations in powder-form. The highly effective and activated emulsifier systems can be differentiated according to their final application.




The Spongolit® grades are available in powder form.
Stability: The product has to be segregated from foodstuffs and kept in a cool place and protected from freezing temperatures. The storage temperature has to be 5-30 °C.


Spongolit® improves cake volume, crumb structure, crumb moistness, texture, consumer appeal and your revenue. The performance of Spongolit® is highly consistent, tolerant and predictable over time, including mixes. For applications like sponge cake or swiss rolls Spongolit® 283 or 450/460 is preferred. For muffins or cupcakes Spongolit® 542 is the best choice. For applications like pound cake and fat containing texture Spongolit® EP 320 is preferred. The effectiveness of Spongolit® aerating agents depends primarily on the type and ratio of emulsifiers used, but also to a large extent on the processing technology during their production.