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The brand Lamequick® is also known as whipping topping concentrate, which is providing aeration to many food systems and creating a creamy taste. Lamequick® is a well-balanced system of emulsifiers, vegetable fat, proteins and carbohydrates. Some emulsifiers have foaming properties. This is due to their surface activity which allows orientation along the interface between the liquid and air. Vegetable oils are mainly deriving from the group of lauric fats, coming from coconut oil or palm kernel oil. All Lamequick® varieties are free of trans-fats; some are free of hydrogenated fats.  




Lamequick® is a fine powder, which can be easily stored in its original form or in ready mix format. All Lamequick® products are suitable for vegetarian diet, and some are even suitable for vegans (without any milk protein). Glucose syrup solids as carbohydrates are the bulk ingredient for powder structure and solubility.
Stability: The product should be stored at temperatures between 16-24°C and has to be kept in a dry container and away from odor-intensive products. In its unopened original package under the above mentioned conditions the product has a shelf life of 18 months.


The product range of Lamequick® CE has caseinate as protein source and ethyl ester is used as emulsifier. This range is designed for cake filling and cake decorating creams, whipping toppings with high creaminess, stiff texture, high or low aeration and outstanding mouth feel.
The protein source for Lamequick® ME range is milk powder; ethyl ester is used as emulsifier. This range gives ice cream powders and mousse, especially for water use a milky and creamy taste.
The Lamequick® AS range is comprising the acid stable types for yogurt mousse, fruit mousse, creams, frozen desserts and ice cream with high aeration even at pH as low as 3.0.
For applications like diabetic or vegan cream, desserts, frozen dessert, ice cream, toppings and mousse the Lamequick® specialties like Lamequick® D range and Lamequick® VE range fully meet the needs.
Lamequick® SUN 40 is the healthy alternative. Fats and oils provide taste and creaminess, but they also play an important technological role in the whipping performance. BASF’s innovative Lamequick® SUN 40 eliminates this dilemma by combining high performance with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in a unique way.