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Protein products animal derived > to protect skin and hair

Proteins are crucial components of any vegetable or animal organism. Their structures vary widely, as do their functions. Proteins protect
and care, skin and hair. BTC’s protein derivatives include protein hydrolysates, condensation products, cationic proteins and special protein compounds.


Lamepon®, Lamequat®, Nutrilan®


Lamequat® L shows higher film formation and conditioning compared to collagen hydrolysates. It strengthens and protects hair fibres, shows increase skin feel and is compatible with anionic surfactants.
Lamepon® S is an ultra mild anionic surfactant with good cleansing properties. It shows improve skin and mucous membrane compatibility of surfactant preparations.
Nutrilan® types are skin identical amino acid compositions with a high substantivity to skin and hair. They as well show improved skin and mucous membrane compatibility of surfactant formulations. Nutrilan® types  strengthen, protect and repair hair.


BTC’s protein derivatives Lamepon®, Lamequat® and Nutrilan® are used as care additives in personal care formulations such as mild surfactant preparations, skincare, sun care and hair care products.