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Halogen free flame retardants > for plastics applications

BTC Europe provides various fully organic halogen free flame retardants to the plastics industry. The portfolio is comprised of different melamine cyanurates, melamine phosphate, melamine polyphosphate and NOR HALS technologies, all with a proven track record.


Flamestab®, Melapur®


Flamestab® and Melapur® types from BTC show excellent flame retardants performance and are also efficient building blocks in flame retardant formulations.  They are durable in rugged environment, they are thermally stable during processing and they are free of halogens, antimony or heavy metals. Flamestab® and Melapur® types have no negative interaction with light stabilizer systems. They are non-corrosive and, due to the relatively low loading levels needed, they have only limited impact on physical and mechanical properties.


Flamestab® and Melapur® flame retardants from BTC find use in polyolefins as well as in various engineering plastics. They provide excellent halogen free performance in key plastics markets such as automotive, agriculture, building and construction, electric & electronics, packaging and textiles & fibres.