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Amines for the coatings industry

ProductsProperties & applications
IPDA (isophorone diamines)Raw material for IPDI, crosslinker for PU coatings
MMEA (monomethylamine ssol.)
DMAPA (3-(Dimethylamino) pro)
DEOA (diethanolamines pure)
Building blocks for cathodic dip painting
DETA (diethylenetriamines)Building blocks for cathodic dip painting and epoxy curing agents
DMEA (N,N-Dimethylethylamines)Neutralization agent for waterborne coatings
BenzylamineBuilding blocks for sag control agents
DMDC (4,4'-Diamino-Dicyclo)Epoxy curing agents
PEA (polyetheramines)Epoxy curing agents
MEOA (N-Methylethanolamine)PU chain extender
Baxxodur® EC 331 (cycloaliphatic amines)Used as curing agent with moisture and temperature resistance
Baxxodur® EC 201 (cycloaliphatic amines)Used as curing agent with high strength, moisture and temperature resistance

Chemicals for furniture and flooring coatings

Our functional vinyl monomers can be used in the more demanding coatings applications. With high reactivity and exceptional quality and lot-to-lot consistency, they are the best choice for a wide range of coatings applications as reactive diluents for radiation curing, as monomer for polymerization and as a cross-linking monomer.
Vinyl monomers are specialty products based on acetylene chemistry (REPPE) and in UV coatings they reduce the viscosity for spray applications, have good adhesion on difficult substrates, increase the conversion rate and improve chemical and mechanical properties.

ProductsProperties & applications
NVP (N-Vinyl-pyrrolidone)
NVC (N-Vinyl-caprolactam)
LNVC (liquid NVC)
DVE-3 (triethylenglycol divinyl ethers)
CHDM-di (1,4 cycolohexanedimethanol divinyl ethers
HBVE (hydroxybutyl vinyl ethers)
They are used in:
  • UV plastic coatings
  • UV wood coatings
  • UV epoxy (radical and cationic) coatings
  • unsaturated polyester coatings

Polycaprolactones are used as synthetic building blocks to enhance the properties of coatings so that the finished products meet the most demanding requirements.

ProductsProperties & applications
Capromer ® (resins)In high performance PU coatings, the low viscosity and high reactivity of polycaprolactones of low molar mass are ideal for developing high-solids formulations of solvent free PU Coatings.

Outstanding weather resistance, flexibility at low temperatures and hydrolytic stability are their main advantages. They can be used in clear and pigmented PU automotive and industrial coatings.