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Flocculants & coagulants > for solid liquid separation

The range of reagents for mineral processing offered by BTC includes rheology modifiers, coagulants and flocculants. Thus we can provide the mining industry with innovative solutions for solid liquid separation.

Thickening & clarification

The unrivalled combination of products and experience for mineral processing, hydrometallurgical thickening and clarification applications offered by BTC makes sure that you are provided with a wide range of physical forms and molecular weights to enable each sedimentation process to be complimented by an optimal choice. Among others, we offer high activity liquid dispersions, inverse emulsion flocculants, flocculant blocks, powder flocculants and primary coagulants.


Magnafloc® (Flocculants), Magnasol® (Coagulants), Alclar® (Flocculants), Lupromin® (Floatation collector)


Magnafloc® anionic, non-ionic and cationic high molecular weight flocculants can be individually combined and selected to allow for the best possible performance.
The Alclar® types are flocculants specifically designed for performance.


Using BTC’s Magnafloc® types, thickening, clarification or centrifugation are sure to run at maximum efficiency without support. The Alclar® types are used to cover the rigorous conditions present during the Alumina Bayer Process.



Magnafloc® (Flocculants), Magnasol® (Coagulants), Drimax® (Flocculants)


BTC’s flocculants and coagulants are designed to maximise efficiency in filtration processes in the mining industry. The high molecular weight flocculants of the Magnafloc® anionic/non-ionic/cationic group are individually selected to increase performance. Advantages include faster and higher throughput, dry cake with low moisture, efficient filtration and clean clear filtrate for re-use.


Drimax® surfactants are added to the slurry before filtration is started. They reduce surface tension, wet out particles, encourage faster dewatering and lead to low moisture content in dry cakes resulting from very fine substrates.

Tailings management


Rheomax® (Flocculants)


Water management poses many challenges on the mining industry, especially concerning the impact on the environment. It is the aim to minimize water consumption and to reduce land areas consumed by tailings disposal and time to rehabilitate such land. In parallel exploration and extraction need to be maximized while minimizing the cost.


The Rheomax® technology is based on BASF’s deep experience in tailings management for the mining industry. BTC’s customers ensure operational excellence in water management using Rheomax® flocculants.