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BTC Europe and NXTLEVVEL Biochem sign agreement to distribute biobased and biodegradable solvents throughout Europe

BASF’s European distribution organization and the leading manufacturer of biomass-derived chemicals join forces to expand offerings of levulinate solvents across Europe.

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Lupranol®, Lupranat® and Lupraphen®

For the production of high-performance polyurethane (PUR) materials, raw materials such as isocyanates and polyols offer consistent and reliable product quality thanks to state-of-the-art technology. BASF has a globally unique portfolio of chemical intermediates for the production of versatile polyurethane materials


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Natural cosmetics and vegan care products: what manufacturers need to be aware of

The market for green creams and shower gels is growing. However, cosmetics manufacturers that wish to realign their portfolios accordingly need to bear several things in mind.

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Microplastic-free cosmetics: discover our formulation suggestions

Microplastics are tiny fragments with a huge impact on the environment. However, these formulations offer alternatives for creams and shower gels – with the performance to match.

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PEG-free cosmetics: three facts and answers

Shampoos and shower gels without added polyethylene glycol (PEG) are in demand. The Zero Waste collection supports cosmetics manufacturers in creating alternative cosmetic products with its innovative formulation ideas.

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ecovio® PS 1606 makes paper ice cream packaging and coffee cups compostable

The biopolymer can directly replace conventional polyethylene coating used in disposable tableware and packaging. And what’s more, it is certified and confirmed as being industrially compostable and mechanically recyclable.

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The origin counts: sustainable cosmetic products with palm kernel oil

Many shampoos, creams and other care products contain palm kernel oil. Manufacturers of cosmetic products should pay particular attention to sustainable sources as part of their responsibility to protect the environment.

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Solid shampoos, soaps and other low-water care products: less is more

Global drinking water supplies are declining. However, the Zero Waste collection from BTC offers cosmetics manufacturers a wide range of formulation ideas that allow them to save water.

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Circular feedstocks for sustainable plasticiser from BTC Europe

BTC Europe now offers sustainable plasticizer grades including Hexamoll® DINCH – ccycled™, Hexamoll® DINCH BMB, Palatinol® N BMB, Palatinol® 10P BMB and Plastomoll® DOA BMB.

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GLYSANTIN® premium coolant now available in recycled packaging

Auto workshops generate a great deal of packaging waste. Packaging made from recycled materials represent a sustainable alternative – such as the new 1-litre bottles filled with GLYSANTIN® premium coolant.

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Sustainable solution for wood lacquer: Acronal® EDGE 6338 enables a true one-coat-hide using water-born dispersion

Acronal® EDGE 6338 is the first dispersion for environmentally and health-friendly water-based wood coatings that guarantee one-coat-hide thanks to the high solids technology (solids content 60%) with a multiphase polymer. A single coat is sufficient!

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Alternative to titanium dioxide powder for manufacturers of colours and paints

As of October 2021, new regulations apply for titanium dioxide powder. What this means for manufacturers of colours and paints and which alternatives they have.

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New enzyme technology for liquid detergents: improved washing performance even at low temperatures

Lavergy® Pro 114 LS and Sokalan® HP 20 are high-performance components for liquid detergents from BASF. The combination of enzymes and chemistry provides the decisive factor for optimum washing results at low energy consumption.

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BASF & CELAB - working towards a circular economy for adhesive labels

As a co-founder of CELAB, BASF works towards a circular economy for adhesive labels

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Enhancing tank safety with KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41: frost protection for jet fuel

Ice crystals in fuel can block lines and filters, and therefore constitute a significant risk in aviation. For this reason, frost protection additives are obligatory. Our fuel system icing inhibitor KEROFLUID® MIL-AL-41 is specially made for fuels used in military jets and small aircraft.

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Profound expertise in refinery additives

Diesel is made up of more than a thousand individual components, and these can all influence how additives work. That makes it all the more important to understand the fuel and have the right expertise down to the last detail. The right refinery additives can ensure that the fuel meets the precisely defined specifications.

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BASF KEROPUR® Gasoline Performance Packages clean and improve engine performance to reduce emissions

Increase fuel quality with gasoline additives which remove existing deposits and prevent new ones from occurring. At the same time, they improve engine performance and protect the environment.

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BASF KEROPUR® Diesel Performance Package: improves engine performance and reduces fuel consumption

Diesel additives improve the fuel quality: They enable optimal performance throughout the service life of the vehicle and help reduce emissions.

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New BASF mandate for isocyanates and polyols

BASF has chosen BTC Europe GmbH (BTC) to be the new distributor for aromatic isocyanates and polyols for polyurethane applications in Europe. The collaboration will commence on February 1, 2021 and comprises the polyurethane basic products Lupranat®, Lupranol® and Lupraphen®.

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Clean your dishes in an environmentally friendly and effective way with Glucopon®

Glucopon® 600 CSUP and Glucopon® 650 EC combine perfect cleanliness with sustainability. They are impressive active ingredients for environmentally friendly, skin-friendly and powerful manual dishwashing detergents. The fully bio-based surfactants meet the specifications for various EU Ecolabels.

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Pacific Orange EH 3963 (L 2828) - natural and durable orange
For a natural and durable orange – Pacific Orange EH 3963 (L 2828)

The Pacific Orange EH 3963 (L 2828) hybrid pigment is the latest addition to our portfolio of highly weather-resistant pigments. It can be combined with all other DPP pigments in powder coatings.

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First green bonds a complete success

Sustainable solutions are playing a growing role in the purchasing decisions of our customers. And we, too, are striving to protect the fundamentals of life for future generations. To safeguard the financing of further sustainable products and projects, we launched our first green corporate bonds at the end of May, achieving revenue of €1 billion.

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The best days end in dirty clothes!

“Happy and muddy” – weren’t those the best days of your childhood? Sokalan® HP 96 provides consumers with an effective remedy to stains which occurred from being outside. In addition, Tinopal® CBS-X guarantees bright white. And the best part: Both are sustainable and comply with the EU Ecolabel – something that is becoming ever more important for consumers!

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Naturally clean with Glucopon® 650 EC
Let’s celebrate: 25th anniversary of APG® production

Glucopon® 650 EC enables the production of environmentally friendly cleaning products without compromising efficiency, such as in the formulation of highly concentrated liquid detergents. The highly efficient surfactant from renewable raw materials meets the requirements of various environmental labels.

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Irgaflo®: Performance and efficiency across the entire range
Irgaflo®: Performance and efficiency across the entire range

Producing lubricants of maximum quality demands the right additives – including viscosity index and pour point depressants. With its Irgaflo® series, BTC has a wide range of components in its portfolio – and can also offer further benefits, such as broad production capacity, innovation and an additional range of components.

BTC Europe
Revolutionary dosing system Xfast® Easy Color

BTC’s Xfast® pigment preparations are among the most innovative colourants on the market. We also take innovative approaches to dosing with our Xfast® dispenser.

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Pacific Yellow EH 3408 (L 1001): Versatile and intense yellow
Pacific Yellow EH 3408 (L 1001): Versatile and intense yellow

An intense and brilliant yellow which enables lead-free formulations and is also particularly resistant to chemicals and water-based systems. Pacific Yellow means this is now possible. It is a pigment with particularly high value in use for all customers who require yellow in coatings.

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Eye-catching, sustainable and natural beauty with Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry
Eye-catching, sustainable and natural beauty with Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry

Our sustainable solution for eye-catching effects: Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry. Stand with nature and express yourself in high-chroma effects. All-vegan, all-clean and all-traceable beauty is showcased with bright, vibrant colors. Proudly pump up the volume for a trend that is here to stay; make conscious living a bold statement!

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Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK: Durable and safe, with brilliant colour

A new member of our pigment family: Sicopal® Black K 0098 FK is optimised for use in recycled materials. With top-class reflection properties in the near infrared (NIR) range, our black is the ideal solution for anyone who wants to produce recyclable black plastics that are detected by infrared sorting systems. And Sicopal® Black also has further impressive qualities.

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Luviset® 360: Styling in six dimensions

Luviset® 360 for efficient styling performance, provides flexible and strong support in all weather conditions. The product can be used alone or in combination with other polymers from BASF such as Luvigel® FIT UP or Luviskol® K to enable further textures. Luviset® 360 can also be used for skin care products with additional claims such as hair strengthening, due to its compatibility with a wide range of active ingredients.

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Unleashing the power of sustainability

With Trilon® M Max EcoBalanced, we make an important contribution towards promoting sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions. The chelating agent is 100% biomass balanced. Trilon® M Max BioBased, in turn, combines conventional and bio-based ingredients. Both of the new products ensure no loss of performance.

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A completely new touch of colour – Sicopal® Red EH 2370 (L 3050)

Until now, an inorganic red colour pigment was missing from our portfolio. However, this has changed with Sicopal® Red EH 2370 (L 3050). The innovative high-performance pigment has a stand-out feature on the market and is significantly redder than Sicopal® Orange L 2430. The new, inorganic red is particularly suited for industrial and architectural coatings.

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Immersed in a refreshing world of colour – Sicopal® Turquoise EH 3475 (L 8215)

A new addition to our inorganic pigments completes the spectrum of our Sicopal® colour palette. Our new blue-green pigment Sicopal® Turquoise EH 3475 (L 8215) is especially recommended for industrial and architectural coatings.

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VMOX: the vinyl monomer for industrial coatings and printing inks now listed in TSCA

VMOX the new vinyl monomer for industrial coatings and printing inks from BASF is now listed in TSCA inventory. As of January 2020, it is therefore commercially available in USA for use in UV printing inks and 3D printing applications (SNUR’s).

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Our sustainable solution for perfect whiteness: Tinopal® CBS-X

Be it in individual doses or highly concentrated liquid detergents, our new optical brightener Tinopal® CBS-X combines brilliant white with a high level of environmental compatibility. Impress your customers with sustainable, long-lasting whites.

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Texapon® SFA and Dehyton® SFA

Texapon® SFA is extremely gentle on the skin and eyes, making it especially suitable for delicate baby skin and formulas for tear-free shampoo products. A real conditioning booster; it enhances the performance of cationic polymers in shampoos. It creates an extremely porous, stable and creamy foam ideal for body wash and other versatile personal care applications.

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Show your colours: strengthen your brand with colourful antifreeze agents

Many products are inextricably linked to a certain colour, and this is no different in the automotive sector. Help your product stand out from the crowd of antifreeze agents by using individual colours thanks to Iragon® and Puricolor®.

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Sicopal® Red K 3050 FK

Kick your performance into high gear with a novel red chemistry. Expand your design options for the most demanding applications.

BTC Europe
Cinquasia® Rubine K 4370 FK

When high temperatures limit your processing success, Cinquasia® Rubine K 4370 FK is your solution. Broadening the processing window, it can be used at temperatures 200C beyond the industry standard C.I. PR 202, with heat stability above 3000C in high heat engineering resins. It provides excellent light stability and weather resistance as well as very good dispersibility.


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Find your Perfect Pigment

Color, effect, substrate, claim – there are a lot of decisions when it comes to choosing the right effect pigment for your cosmetic formulation. Make it easy with Pigment Finder, BASF’s new online tool!

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PANTONE Shimmering Sunset Palette

Immerse yourself in a cosmetic collection inspired by the PANTONE Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral. The Shimmering Sunset palette is a selection of warm and vibrant hues that emulate the dazzling beauty of a sunset sky. Explore ready to market formulations for face, lips, and eyes, featuring a selection of effect pigments that bring depth, dimension, and energy to cosmetic applications.

BTC Europe
New brochure and flyer: Certificates from our colors portfolio at a glance

Get an overview of our colors portfolio at a glance in our new “Color makes the difference” brochure and flyer. Alongside our Iragon® and Puricolor® colors and pigments, we also present the certificates of our product range here.

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Naturality is a must, traceability is key, social impact a major concern

BASF is strongly committed to not only develop new solutions for beauty, but also to improve the existing portfolio and bring it to a higher standard to answering consumer needs and contribute to preserving the planet.

BTC Europe
Euperlan® OP White

Create a luxurious, pure white look for your skin and hair cleansing formulations with meeting today’s demand for ecologically friendly products.

BTC Europe
Vibracolor® moonlight blue

Brilliant blue, fashionable & natural shades: The new blue opportunity for hair colorants.

BTC Europe
Efficient polyolefin processing with accelothene®G5

A lower processing temperature, shorter cycle times and reduced energy consumption are the main benefits of our new flow improvement additive, accelothene®G5. Find out more about our innovative solution for processing new and recycled polyolefins.

BTC Europe
Versatile violet: Puricolor Violet PVI23-L supplements the colour palette

Our two violet colourants, Iragon Violet AVI54 HFC and Iragon Violet AVI48 HFC, have proven themselves on the market. Now we are adding a new nuance to our range of violet colours: Puricolor Violet PVI23-L. The liquid pigment’s expanded range of application is just one of its impressive characteristics.

BTC Europe
Words and actions: Recycled packaging for pigment preparations

In January 2019, BASF teamed up with 30 other companies to found the “Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW)”. One of the first consequences of this commitment is a higher recycling rate. Starting now, we are therefore using recycled IBCs for our pigment preparations.

BTC Europe
Natural highlights at Vitafoods

The Vitafoods Europe trade fair held in Geneva from 7 to 9 May 2019 is the place to be for the nutritional supplements industry. Visit the BTC industry experts at booth M71 and learn more about our current highlight products.

BTC Europe
Innovative Skincare Journey

At this year’s Cosmet’Agora in Paris, BASF’s Care Creations™ presented its new concept “Innovative Skincare Journey”, a new approach for skincare formulations.

BTC Europe
Acrylate specialties: Pioneering products now available from BTC

Acrylate specialties are almost true all-rounders. Use the molecules to make your product solutions more attractive, durable and efficient. Acrylate specialties from BTC have an impressively broad range of applications and outstanding properties. Find out more about the opportunities they offer your industry!

BTC Europe
Deriphat® 160 C: A multifunctional surfactant for nearly every cleaning application

From industrial cleaning to maintaining surgical instruments to use in home care: the multifunctional surfactant, Deriphat® 160 C, is an efficient hydrotrope with high solubility. It remains stable even in highly alkaline or acidic media and provides comprehensive corrosion protection for metallic surfaces.

BTC Europe
A lubricant for all weight classes

Those vehicles which are in constant use on motorways or city traffic need a high-performance axle oil that not only offers reliable protection for axles and transmissions, but also has a long service life in order to save costs thanks to extended oil change intervals. Emgard® UAF 7131 can be used in a wide range of vehicles: from vans to heavy-duty road vehicles.

BTC Europe
BTC Europe is the new BASF distribution partner for lubricant solutions in Southwestern Europe

With effect of January 2019, BTC Europe has become responsible for the distribution of BASF’s lubricant oil additives, base stocks and components for metalworking fluids in France, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Benelux.

BTC Europe
Cegesoft® Peel

Looking for beads that exfoliate and smoothen your skin in a gentle way and are friendly to the environment at the same time?

BTC Europe
Well stocked for the new biocide regulation: MIT-free pigment preparations

The use of methylisothiazolinone (MIT) in pigment preparations is thought to cause allergic reactions. A new biocide regulation will come into effect in 2020 which will label MIT with a hazard symbol. Thus, alternatives are required. Use the innovative Xfast® and Luconyl® NG products to stay ahead of the new regulation and begin reformulating your portfolio today.

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Pigment preparations: A non-hazardous solution for dyeing high-quality fibreboard and particle board (MDF/HDF)

Discover the advantages of pigment preparations compared to traditional dyes for dyeing your fibreboard and particle board. Alongside the simpler handling, pigment preparations also impress on a technical level. The Dispers® portfolio is registered in REACH and is thus easily available even in larger quantities.

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Silicone alternatives

Silicone supply is tight worldwide, which has led to price increases across the industry due to multi-faceted reasons. No relief is in sight in short term.

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Tinogard® - Powerful Stabilisers

Whether toilet cleaner or manual dishwash detergent: stabilisers are an essential component in many cleaning products. They protect the products against quality losses, whether through increased temperatures or UV light. Discover the right stabiliser for your products from the diverse BASF Tinogard® range from BTC.

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Reduce phosphorus excretion with the new hybrid phytase Natuphos® E

Phosphorus is an important part of an organism and thus an essential component of animal feed. However, excretion of excess amounts of the mineral can be harmful to the environment. The unique hybrid phytase Natuphos® E reduces the phosphorus excretion from pigs and poultry more efficiently and sustainably than ever before.

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Folic acid: new B-vitamin in the portfolio

Folates are indispensable for metabolism and blood formation. As the human body is not capable of producing folate itself, ingestion of food containing sufficient amounts is required. However, this method does not always provide the required amounts of folic acid, which is why many people turn to multivitamin compounds or enriched foodstuffs – and this is where BTC comes into the picture with its folic acid.

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Bright and shiny colours in the bathroom: dyes and pigments for shampoos, shower gels and liquid soaps

Shampoos, shower gels and liquid soaps are staples in bathrooms. The wide range of active ingredients, fragrances and colours come with high demands on the ingredients. You can provide your products with a diverse range of colours on the cosmetics shelf – in premium quality and well documented.

BTC Europe
Polyquart® Ecoclean Max: Bio-based polymer for cleaning products

Impressive cleaning performance and eco-friendly ingredients: These components are

combined in Polyquart ® Ecoclean Max from BASF to produce a high-performance bio-based polymer. In addition, Polyquart ® Ecoclean Max is suited for a wide range of formulations and can thus be used in a variety of ways.

BTC Europe
Colourful diversity: Dyes for dishwasher detergents

Colours catch the customers’ eye and increase the recognition value of products. In the field

of cleaning agents, the trend is shifting towards a more colourful product portfolio. Iragon®

and Puricolor® ensure colour diversity while meeting increased requirements, offering

brilliant colours even in customised formulations.

BTC Europe
Conjugated linoleic acids (CLA) shorten the negative energy balance phase in dairy cows

After calving, dairy cows often have an energy deficit which can lead to health risks. Endulac® CLA counteracts this negative energy balance, enabling a sustainable increase in milk production and lengthening the longevity of dairy cows.

BTC Europe
I&I moves toward a circular economy

Those who integrate industrial processes and products into a circular system use resources efficiently. It is ideal when processed materials can be recycled. Product solutions from BTC support you in manufacturing such sustainable cleaning products, be it for cleaning windows and floors or washing dishes.

BTC Europe
Lavergy® Pro 104 LS - premium performance on protein based stains

Environmentally friendly washing with excellent results: The new Lavergy® Pro 104 LS protease guarantees improved cleaning performance even at low temperatures thanks to its combination of enzymes and the Sokalan® HP 20 polymer. This innovation is ideal for liquid detergents and meets consumers’ high standards.

BTC Europe
Sustainable palm

BASF drives sustainable palm with major portfolio switch personal care specialties will be offered as certified sustainable.

BTC Europe
Boosting Performance in Manual Dishwashing

Modern dishwashing detergents are in demand: As well as high cleaning performance, factors such as foam stability and viscosity are gaining importance. The new active ingredient Sokalan® HP 20 helps fulfil these high demands and improves the performance of dishwashing detergents – while also reducing the active matter.

BTC Europe
White wall paint with less titanium dioxide: the Opacity Toolbox

Titanium dioxide is crucial for the formulation of brilliant white wall paints for indoor and outdoor applications. However, its price has recently been subject to enormous fluctuations. Thanks to innovative solutions from the portfolio of BTC Europe, you can considerably reduce the required amount of titanium dioxide – without any compromise in opacity.

BTC Europe
Toilet rim blocks and cleaners in the colours of your choice: Iragon® and Puricolor® dyes and pigments

Toilet rim blocks increase cleanliness in modern WC cleaning systems. However, a variety of forms – whether liquid or solid – place high requirements on the respective dyes. This is where the Iragon® and Puricolor® range of dyes offers solutions to enable the individual formulation of products.

BTC Europe
Formulating with alternatives

Looking for alternative ingredients for your formulation to avoid issues currently discussed in our industry e.g. silicones, microplastics, paraffins, and others?

BTC Europe
Performance boosting enzyme for Commercial Laundry

Laundering at low temperatures not only saves energy but is also gentle to the laundry. Outstanding laundering results at temperatures up to 30° C pose a special challenge to commercial textile cleaning. Protease Lavergy® Pro 104 L combines an excellent laundering performance with a longer service life for your textiles.

BTC Europe
Natural and Organic Cosmetics

The “Back to Nature” theme has become one of the most important drivers in international FMCG markets, particularly in the countries of the developed world, and seems to have resulted from an amalgamation of numerous concerns and interests in modern society.

BTC Europe
Sustainability coupled with diverse options

Using resins as the basis for printing inks is a sustainable option, and without any negative impacts on quality, as is demonstrated by the new Joncryl® Biomass Balance product range. They are extracted from garden waste or from raw materials originating from certified palm oil plantations, for example, thus providing a modern solution for the production of printing inks and coatings.

BTC Europe
Lubricant additives: Ready-to-use mixtures for every purpose

Modern industrial plants perform at the highest level. Custom lubricants are indispensable to ensure that the turbines rotate for long periods of time without wear. These lubricants require additives to be effective. BTC Europe provides ready-to-use mixtures of such auxiliary materials, tailored to international industry and OEM specifications. They save time and money in daily production.

BTC Europe
With a touch of green

Ever-growing demand for alternatives to volatile silicones is further driven by ongoing uncertainties due to EU regulatory projects on restricting the use of D4 and D5 in personal care. BASF’s oleochemical technology delivers light emollients to meet this need across different market segments.

BTC Europe

Skin-friendly, eye-friendly, cleansing performance and sustainability benefits – answering the growing demand for nature inspired wet wipes at a competitive price can be challenging.

BTC Europe
Solutions for monodoses

Washing clothes at 30 degrees saves two thirds of the heating energy required when washing at 60 degrees. At low temperatures, high-quality detergents need to be used in order to remove difficult stains. Our BTC portfolio includes innovative solutions for washing at temperatures as low as 20 degrees that are perfectly suited for production as monodoses.

BTC Europe
Better planning with shipping confirmation from BTC

If you want to manage your warehouse as well as possible, you need as much information as possible. It is particularly helpful to know exactly when orders will arrive. If you wish, you can receive a notification in the future once your delivery has left the logistics centre.

BTC Europe
Versatile stability for lubricants with Irganox® L products

Oxidation significantly reduces the service life of lubricants. Antioxidants not only slow down this deterioration, they also increase the service life of the machines. An important aspect here is that the antioxidants also comply with current guidelines, such as REACH. And better yet when they can fulfil special requirements demanded by the respective application area.

BTC Europe
A new Hydrotrope that enables high performing cleaner formulations - Glucopon® 100 DK

The efficiency of cleaning products is constantly improving thanks to innovative formulations. This also increases the demands placed upon hydrotropes, which are indispensable as solubilisers; moreover, they must comply with the demands placed on eco-labels. At the same time, they have to work in highly concentrated formulations without causing any problems in many applications. BTC Europe now provides an ideal solution in this segment in the form of Glucopon® 100 DK.

BTC Europe
Excellent lubricity in every application: Breox® TB

Stable, efficient, sustainable – synthetic lubricants based on polyalkylene glycol (PAG) are impressive for a variety of reasons. With the series of Breox® TB 120/150/195 products, formulators can choose from a very flexible range of water-soluble products based on Breox® 75W, which also provide the necessary variety of viscosities.

BTC Europe
Liquid Detergents move toward Concentrates

Just 55 millilitres for a standard washing cycle: this is the latest dosage recommendation of the International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products. Highly concentrated formulations make it possible. The entire spectrum, including the right additives for your requirements, can be found in the portfolio of BTC.

BTC Europe
accelothene® optimises efficiency in injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion processes

Polyolefins can take any desired shape in modern production plants. The right additives reduce the time and energy required per unit in such processes. With potential cost savings of up to 30 per cent, our innovative accelothene® additive bears considerable advantages in this regard.

BTC Europe
Luxurious Crystals for premium skin care products

Premium skin care products are a fast-growing market in Personal Care. BASF´s Care CreationsTM introduces “Luxurious Crystals”, a New Translucency Technology that enables formulators to design skin care leave-on products with a prestige translucent appearance and sophisticated sensory without using silicones.

BTC Europe
Emgard® MTF 4200 protects transmissions in heavy-duty trucks

Trucks and buses are getting heavier. This has a direct effect on the strain on the transmission. The proper transmission oil can help save money. Emgard® MTF 4200 is a synthetic transmission oil specially developed for manual transmissions of heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

BTC Europe
Actives Product Finder for Skin & Hair Care

Look no further: with our app, BASF’s high-performance active ingredients are always right at your fingertips.

BTC Europe
Puricolor® liquid pigment preparations for a wide range of applications

The new liquid pigment preparations in the Puricolor® product line cover a particularly wide range of colours; they are easy to use and have impressive colour stability and resist fading. But above all: They also comply with the latest EU Cosmetics Directive thanks to the use of the biocide phenoxyethanol.

BTC Europe
RHEOCARE® XGN - Suspending, Stabilizing, Thickening Polymer

Rheocare ® XGN is the new versatile Xanthan Gum suitable for a wide range of cosmetics applications.

BTC Europe
Small and Efficient at Low Temperatures

Combining enzymes and our broad portfolio to enable the next level of low temperature washing.

BTC Europe
BTC is your partner for thermoset composites

Whether for wind turbines, transportation vehicles, trains or sports equipment: composites enable high-quality applications while also offering advantages when it comes to weight. Additives from the BTC range play a crucial role in the manufacturing of better and more durable thermoplastic products.

BTC Europe
Clean solutions – Our products for the car wash

The automatic car wash was invented 55 years ago. Since then, there has been a constant stream of new innovations, often thanks to inventions in detergent chemistry. With BTC, formulators of these types of detergents benefit from the full range of currently available solutions – precisely tailored to the respective requirements and, on request, with excellent environmentally-friendly properties.

BTC Europe
Colour accents in oral care with Puricolor® pigments

Colour is psychology, colour triggers emotions: Therefore it is not surprising that the formulators of dental hygiene products pay close attention to selecting suitable shades and nuances for their toothpaste or mouth rinse. Puricolor® offers them a particularly wide range of colours.

BTC Europe
HydroBlue® 90: The dust-free reduction agent for the textile industry

Hydrosulphites are the basis of many reduction agents, from the paper industry to textile production. The requirements regarding health and process stability are especially high for the dyeing of clothes. The new reduction agent HydroBlue® 90 is particularly suitable for the manufacturing of denim fabrics since it is dust-free, odourless and extremely stable.

BTC Europe
Trilon® M: The sustainable chelating agent

To control the hardness of water in water cycles and in products for dishwashing detergents and car maintenance, you can rely on an effective and environmentally friendly solution: Trilon® M and its three product versions are suitable for a wide range of requirements. Its capacity for binding calcium is just as high as that of conventional nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA).

BTC Europe
Time for Change: BASF believes sustainable palm is possible

BASF hosted its second Palm Dialog in April in London with 100 participants and even more online followers. On the occasion of in-cosmetics, sustainability experts from The Body Shop (Picture: Jason Matthews), Mibelle, Aldi South, Golden Agri, NGOs and non-profit organisations gave an outlook on chances for a rapid market changeover towards certified ingredients based on palm kernel oil.

BTC Europe
All-in-one solution for foams: Irgastab® PUR 70

The requirements for nearly zero-emission foams have been steadily increasing recently, including in the automotive industry. Irgastab® PUR 70 ensures improved air quality in the interior, while also being an effective anti-scorch additive – completely free from amines.

BTC Europe
Fire resistant: Plurasafe® HL-HFC 46 hydraulic oil

In environments with particularly hot surfaces or open flames, fire-resistant hydraulic oils are virtually indispensable. In many cases, authorities or insurance companies demand the use of such fire-resistant liquids. Plurasafe® HL-HFC 46 not only features a high water content, thus reducing a fire hazard, but also possesses excellent anti-corrosion and anti-wear properties.

BTC Europe
Effects and Claims

The range of hard surface cleaners include a broad variety of products and formats, which require specific effects and claims. Beside the cleaning performance, cleaners should provide additional visible benefits for the end consumers, as surface care, disinfection, gloss or easy to clean again effect.

BTC Europe
#OnlineSurvey on social media use: because your time is valuable

If you wish, you can also learn the latest news from BTC and receive information on BASF products on the social networks Twitter and LinkedIn. We are interested in understanding: How do you use these media? And how can we further optimise BTC’s range of content on social media? That’s why we’ve started an online survey. It takes a maximum of seven minutes to complete and is completely anonymous. We look forward to your participation.

BTC Europe
Hair Styling Trends 2017

How we chose to present ourselves to the outside world is important. It effects how we feel, how confident we are and how others see us.

BTC Europe
Sokalan® HP 20 in Liquid Monodoses

Every household wants the washing process to be convenient. Liquid Monodoses provide not only easy handling but they also help consumers to save energy by lowering the washing temperature without compromising on performance. BASF’s expertise in high-performance ingredients enables you to formulate concentrated laundry detergents to meet these consumer challenges.

BTC Europe
Iragon® Violet: For popular products from purple to lilac

Violet not only represents spring, lilacs and violets, but generally has an air of extravagance. No wonder that the colour is popular in home care. With Iragon® Violet, BTC has added two colours to its portfolio which can be easily used to dye many products, boast a long shelf life and are applicable on a broad pH spectrum.

BTC Europe
BTC opens Chemical Outlet webshop

Quality products in limited quantities at special terms: In the BTC Chemical Outlet, you can shop and rummage around for selected products from the standard range of over 6,000 BASF products with discounts of up to 50 per cent.

BTC Europe
Tinuvin® XT 55 protects artificial grass for a long time

Artificial grass promises to shine in a rich green for years, while requiring very little care. But to achieve this, the fibre bundles which make up the turf must be provided with the suitable light protection additive during production. Tinuvin® XT 55 provides this function with the highest possible quality.

BTC Europe
Color Care in Liquid Detergents

Modern life would be unimaginable without color detergents. Frequent wear and washing cause textile colors to lose their initial brilliance and fade. Color detergents ensure that clothes look new for longer and help to keep their colors vibrant.

BTC Europe
Food and Beverage Processing

In the Food and Beverage processing industry cleanliness and hygiene are a must. To fulfill these requirements there are still challenges in terms of shorter cleaning times, improved foaming behavior, even better cleaning results and reduced energy consumption.

BTC Europe
Lutropur® M for Toilet Bowl Cleaners

Toilet and sanitary cleaning and descaling, especially in I&I market, require superior performances to assure a high level of cleanliness and hygiene, such as removal of tough soils, scale and rust.

BTC Europe
Cetiol® 4 All

With various consumer needs, an optimized raw material selection for appealing cosmetic products with multiple benefits and value for money is becoming more important. Therefore, cosmetic manufacturers are looking for versatile emollients.

BTC Europe
Pigmosol® ─ soluble in water like instant coffee

Particularly in the home care sector, pigment preparations are important additives that make a product stand out – because consumers are attracted by colours. As a powder pigment, Pigmosol® is especially soluble in water and does not create any dust. Other important features include its high storage stability and pH tolerance. In addition to optimizing the end product’s look and feel, the additive also ensures straightforward and efficient production processes.

BTC Europe
Enabling Choices for I&I with EU Ecolabel

In I&I and in Institutional Cleaning & Sanitation, in particular, cleaning work is tendered in most cases. Especially, if public authorities are responsible for the tender, they increasingly use their purchasing power to choose goods and services certified with the EU Ecolabel.

BTC Europe
Irgalube® FE1: Increased horsepower, less fuel consumption

State-of-the-art motor oils offer a lot of performance: The best formulations can, for example, contribute significantly to increased efficiency, improved engine performance or stronger acceleration. Now, BTC introduces Irgalube® FE1 to the market which provides motor oils with all of these characteristics at the same time.

BTC Europe
Ready mix: Flexible, small packages for Glysantin® G®

Immediate use: The engine coolant Glysantin® G® is now also available in liquid form in BTC's easily manageable small containers. "Ready mix" is an attractive alternative for all types of customers right down to the workshop. Because the process of mixing is no longer necessary, you save time and money.

BTC Europe
Smart Disinfection Toolkit

In the I&I market, the hygiene trend and the need for an efficient disinfection are increasing. As a result of the EU Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR) the number of biocidal actives approved by authorities and accepted in the market is reduced.

BTC Europe
Irgacor® 843: The right mixture of corrosion protection

The search for the best formulation and suitable additives is a challenge for modern lubricants and oils in particular. The corrosion protection Irgacor® 843 scores well not only because of its efficient protection against erosion, but also because of the fact that it does not demonstrably affect the performance of the oil.

BTC Europe
Glysantin® G64®: Engine coolant for downsized engines

Smaller is better: For many years, downsizing has been an important driver of development in the automotive industry. Small engines, however, impose the highest demands on engine coolants and the stability of the cooling system. Glysantin® G64® is tailored to high performance downsized engines with a continuous flow of heat and offers the excellent corrosion protection that is typical for the brand.

BTC Europe
Skin Rinse-off: We safely navigate you through

We safely navigate you through a complex world of Skin Rinse-off applications, key consumer needs & market trends.

BTC Europe
Breox® and Plurasafe®: Expansion of the lubricant segment

Base oils and ready-to-use lubricant formulations based on polyalkylene glycol (PAG) are ideal components for enabling smooth-running industrial processes. Thanks to investments by BASF totalling millions of euros at its Verbund site in Ludwigshafen, BTC will be able to react even more flexibly in future.

BTC Europe
Specific Concentrations Limit (SCL)

2015 a project was started under the umbrella of ERASM to investigate the eye damage/irritation in vitro approach to address concentration related effects (SCL) with pure and diluted surfactants.

BTC Europe
Sustainable Solution Steering® - 360° view on the sustainability performance of our portfolio

In order to help our customers even better to increase the sustainability performance of their portfolio, BASF has developed a process for steering its portfolio based on sustainability criteria - Sustainable Solution Steering®.

BTC Europe
Combining enzymes and chemistry

Global trends of higher concentrated product formats, more convenience and resource savings in water and energy create market needs for liquid laundry detergents and gels with excellent performance at low temperatures.

BTC Europe
Emgard® HP 75W-90 – The high-performance axle oil

In the lubricants market, customers are increasingly demanding products that are both sustainable and efficient. Emgard® HP 75W-90 stands out thanks to its long maintenance intervals, its excellent protection performance and its high versatility even for heavy-duty use, whether it be for long lorries or high-speed trains.

BTC Europe
Stabilizers for Personal Care Products

We offer efficient solutions to prevent Personal Care products from degradation caused by UV light and oxidation.

BTC Europe
Radiant colours and sophisticated colour changes with Iragon® and Puricolor®

Fluorescent colours are back in vogue. Those who want to have their personal care and home care products stand out from the crowd can succeed by using bold and radiant colours or colour change effects.


BTC Europe
Sepawa 2016: Mit neuen Produkten und Konzepten

Besuchen Sie uns auf Stand 203 und die BASF am Stand 201-202.

BTC Europe
Inspiring Textures

Irresistible skincare products with exciting textures and really cool skin sensations.

BTC Europe
Hair Care Solutions

Are you looking for a special hair care system? Get inspired by BASF Hair Care Solutions for three relevant market trends and their needs!

BTC Europe
Offering Solutions for Low Temperatures

In Europe, the current average washing temperature is 41° C. According to A.I.S.E. (International Association of Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products), over 2,300 GWh/year could be saved by reducing this temperature by as little as 3°.

BTC Europe
Oxygenated solvents now also available from BTC

Oxygenated solvents are used in a wide range of different fields, including the paint and coatings industry, pharmaceuticals, home care and the printing industry. BTC's portfolio will include oxygenated solvents.


BTC Europe
Food & Beverage Processing

In the Food & Beverage processing industry cleanliness and hygiene are a must. To fulfill these requirements there is still room for improvement in terms of shorter cleaning times, improved foaming behavior, better cleaning results and reduced energy consumption.


BTC Europe
Arlypon® TT

High performance thickener for challenging formulations and efficient alternative to alkanolamides.


BTC Europe
Scratch resistance at its best: Laromer® UA 9136

BASF’s new Laromer® UA 9136 delivers excellent scratch resistance at lowest yellowing – combined with outstanding chemical resistance. The special combination of properties makes this highly reactive aliphatic urethane acrylate, featuring medium viscosity, a good choice for any high-performance topcoat.

BTC Europe
Enabling Choices for Colors & Whites Universal Laundry Detergents

Everyday life is packed full of obligations. Consumers do not want to spend their leisure time on household tasks. For this to become a reality, universal laundry detergents may be an easy solution. They can clean both colored and white clothes and meet the consumer demands for convenience.

BTC Europe
Agricultural industry: All additives from a single source

BTC offers a product portfolio that is specifically tailored to the agricultural sector. Our customers can procure all seed treatment products and essential additives for manufacturing crop protection products and fertilizers from a single source.

BTC Europe
Synative® ES DPHA: Flexible and environmentally-friendly

Synative® ES DPHA has a wide range of properties that make it ideal as a raw material for lubricant oil production – excellent options for low-temperature use and biodegradability to name but two. The synthetic ester is very compatible with numerous formulations, helps to save costs and contributes to sustainable production.

BTC Europe
Styling by Numbers - The Hair Gel Matrix

BASF carried out a benchmark study of European styling gels; 23 market products were tested from leading brands and own label. Stiffness and curl retention were measured and performance was compared to on-pack claims.

BTC Europe
Soaps with a colourful statement – thanks to Puricolor®

Every colour conveys its own message. This is especially true for products such as soaps, which are far more than just a cleaning product. Soap stands for fashion, decoration or wellness. The Puricolor® series allows for colourful messages, resulting in eye-catching soaps.

BTC Europe
Efka® PX 4350: For the perfect refinish

Our high-performance Efka® PX 4350, designed with Controlled Free Radical Polymerization (CFRP) technology, sets a new standard in dispersing organic colour pigments.

BTC Europe
Optical Brighteners in Powder Detergents

Environmental awareness is key to a sustainable future. Modern washing behavior reflects this with a strong trend toward energy savings by washing at lower temperatures. Unfortunately, this comes at a cost: Ingredients often require certain temperatures to perform properly.

BTC Europe
The full palette of colours – with Iragon® liquid dyes

Dyes that are easy to use are a key advantage in production – liquid products can help. Iragon® liquid dyes also feature other impressive characteristics, such as an enormous range of shades, which can be mixed using blue, yellow and pink. BTC is happy to advise customers on mixing ratios.

BTC Europe
Dehypound® LLD 60 - A universal surfactant blend for commercial laundry

Entering the commercial laundry segment in emerging markets gets easier when you can lower the investments for production equipment and formulation development. The surfactant-blend Dehypound® LLD 60 supports this easier start.

BTC Europe
Laromer® PE 9126: Innovation for flexible applications

For many coating applications, UV resins with high flexibility and excellent adhesion on flexible substrates are needed. Laromer® PE 9126 offers both – and even more.


BTC Europe
ProEco® HE 501XE-15: Viscosity meets environmental standards

Conventional hydraulic oils cannot be used in water protection areas or forests. The biodegradable lubricant ProEco® HE 501XE-15 is an ideal alternative. The product displays high resistance to ageing and is equally not sensitive to extreme working temperatures.

BTC Europe
Halal Certification

BASF now offers 145 ingredients for personal and home care products which have been certified to the international halal standard HAS 23000.

BTC Europe
All BTC news now available via Twitter and LinkedIn

Those who want to structure their digital news feeds can make use of social networks to do the work for them. By selecting companies and following them, their posts will provide you with information that matches your personal interests. This and much more is offered on the new BTC Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

BTC Europe
Scale Dissolution with Trilon® M and Trilon® Ultimate

The special event to celebrate with your guests – but imagine it with glasses full of scale? Shiny and sparkling dishes and glasses are a must.

BTC Europe
Online survey on customer satisfaction: your opinion is important to us!

Customer feedback is extremely valuable to BTC, as it allows us to guarantee consistently high quality. A new form gives you the chance to evaluate our service at any time. It takes just two or three minutes to complete and is completely anonymous.

BTC Europe
Puricolor® Blue: improved handling with granulate

Anyone who works with larger amounts of dyes in production will know how important it is for a product to create as little dust as possible, not stick and generally be easy to dose. That is exactly why the new Puricolor® Blue ABL9-X FDA is now available as a granulate – a practical option when manufacturing blue products in the personal care and home care sectors.

BTC Europe
Flexible, small packaging for Hydraulan® 404

When drivers brake, they need to be sure that the brake fluid will remain sufficiently viscous even at low temperatures. With Hydraulan® 404, BTC's portfolio includes a product that does not become excessively viscous even at temperatures of -20° Celsius. Ideal for vehicles with electronic stability control and now available in handy small containers

BTC Europe
Wall paint for your health – Acronal® 6292 makes it possible!

Wall paints that are extremely wet scrub resistant while being harmless to health – Acronal® 6292 makes it possible. The high-performance polymer remains stable at high pH values with the result that a conservation-free paint can be formulated. Due to high effectiveness of the new dispersion, binder content can be reduced, which also reduces paint formulation costs.

BTC Europe
BTC donates 25,000 Euros to children in need

BTC Europe presented a cheque for 25,000 Euros to the charity SOS Children’s Villages on February 29, 2016. The donation will be used to support the organization’s youth centre in Bucharest, Romania

BTC Europe
Liquid Mono Doses: Restore whites with Tinopal® CBS-CL

In order to save time for household tasks, consumers expect effective and convenient laundry detergents

BTC Europe
Cleaning products: Meet BTC at the H3i trade fair in Birmingham

The H3i trade fair in Birmingham (8th-9th March) is the perfect opportunity for the cleaning industry to discuss topics as diverse as regulatory issues and commercial and market challenges. BTC will be there. Our experts are looking forward to meeting you at Stand 305.

BTC Europe
Low Foaming Rinse Aids

Nowadays, the development of more energy- and water-saving ware wash machines brings new challenges for ware wash detergents and rinse aids: The soil load in the wash liquor increases while the temperature decreases.

BTC Europe
ISO 9001 certificate

Be it when shopping for food or conducting transactions between companies, test seals and certificates based on recognised standards give us peace of mind. The ISO 9001 standard, which guarantees quality management and reliable business structures, is particularly important in the business world. BTC's certification has been extended for three years.

BTC Europe
Color Trends Collection 2017 by BASF

Following extensive market research, the 2017 Color Trends collection by BASF offers four distinct beauty profiles, each based on cultural drivers in the global marketplace.

BTC Europe
Trilon® M and Trilon® Ultimate: the High-performance Phosphate Alternatives

Christmas, year-end, and birthday parties – all these are special events to celebrate with your family and guests. But imagine these events with dirty cups, or glasses with spots, or glasses full of scale? Whether it’s your favorite set of cups, beautiful plates, or champagne glasses, – perfectly clean and sparkling dishes and glasses are a must.

BTC Europe
Ibuprofen and co. – active pharmaceutical ingredients from a single source

BTC customers receive a broad spectrum of attractive BASF active pharmaceutical ingredients from a single source. The chemistry company plans to focus even more on its core competencies in this segment in the future. This goes hand-in-hand with the sale of part of the product range. However, BTC will continue to provide service in that area until the end of 2016, catering to all our customers' needs as usual.

BTC Europe
Strong Acidic Power Cleaner - Power Play in Your Bathroom

The field of bathroom cleaners in the hard surface cleaning segment has been growing for the last few years. There is a trend toward powerful cleaning without having to compromise on material compatibility-all brought together in an easy-to-handle product.

BTC Europe
RSPO Multi-site Certification for Mass Balance and Segregated Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil

We are proud to announce that with the new Multi-Site RSPO Certification for Düsseldorf (D), Boussens (F), Fino Mornasco (I) and Zona Franca (E) – only one RSPO certificate number is now required.

BTC Europe
Lumina® Royal: Brilliant blue for plastics and paints

A bold pigment can be a strong incentive to buy. However, colours frequently lose their chroma different effect pigments are mixed during production. In contrast, Lumina® Royal Blue and Aqua are the most intense effect pigments in the blue colour space currently available on the market. And blue has always been a colour that has enticed mankind to dream.

BTC Europe
Liquid Mono Doses - Small and Efficient

In order to save time for household tasks, consumers expect effective and convenient laundry detergents. Liquid mono doses are a response to these consumer needs.

BTC Europe
Lumina® Royal: Plastics and paints in strong red

From a technical point of view, producing a strong red colour is not easy. Lumina® Royal Magenta and Indigo give you an entirely new palette of different red tones, depending on the mixture. Red undoubtedly remains a real eye-catcher, representing positive emotions such as joy, passion and attractiveness.

BTC Europe
Inspiring ideas for your formulation

When it comes to formulation, discussions with experts on specific content are vital. That is why, in early June, BTC Europe organised two events for all interested customers in the France and Benelux regions. At the events, BASF experts explained the subtleties of the portfolio and were available for questions and discussion.

BTC Europe
Plantapon® WW 1000 The perfect surfactant compound for clear non-aqueous shower and baths oils

Finding the right surfactant system for clear non-aqueous shower and bath oils can be difficult. We are now proud to offer our new compound Plantapon® WW 1000 specially developed to achieve excellent performance.

BTC Europe
Enabling Choices @ SEPAWA 2015 - Solutions for more sustainable washing and cleaning

At the 62nd SEPAWA Congress in Fulda, BASF will present its latest solutions for Home Care and I&I, which enable choices for successfully meeting today’s and tomorrow’s market needs and changing regulatory conditions.

Visit us at booth 250–252!

BTC Europe
Divergan® HM keeps your wine at its best

Metals such as copper, iron and manganese can have a huge impact on the taste of a wine. With Divergan® HM, you can remove these substances simply and without residue, while also reducing the polyphenol content. Divergan® HM has been approved by the EU for use in food by September.

BTC Europe
An ecological answer to market needs: Luconyl® NG

A product always at the cutting edge of market needs: Luconyl® NG has been redesigned especially for Point of Sales applications and is now available in small packaging units of 1 litre. It is also the answer to customer demands for environmental protection both now and in the future, and to the latest design trend in façade paints.

BTC Europe
Oral Care by BASF Care Creations™ - get ready to smile

Our BASF Care Creations’ ingredient portfolio covers a broad line of products for oral care applications, such as toothpaste and mouthwash, ranging from surfactants, solubilizers, emulsifiers and polymers to effect pigments and active ingredients.

BTC Europe
Trilon® M - the high-performance, readily biodegradable chelating agent for automatic dishwashing detergents

Enabling Choices with Trilon® M. Expansion and flexibilization of chelating agents production.

BTC Europe
Surfactants for touchless Vehicle Cleaning

Enabling Choices with Broad Surfactant Portfolio.

BTC Europe
New to the portfolio: higher alcohols and aldehydes

BTC Europe is currently extending its product range for chemical intermediates in a targeted way. BASF products from the Higher Alcohols & Aldehydes segment, which can be used for a wide range of applications, are now on sale in numerous countries.

BTC Europe
Glymes and Dioxolane - Versatile high-performance solvents in the BTC portfolio

Their solvent properties give glymes a wide range of uses: in pharmaceutical synthesis, the chemicals industry, printing inks and even gold refining. From 1st July, BTC's range includes an extensive series of glymes.

BTC Europe
Cosmedia® Ace Dispersion Polymer

A Strong, Flexible & Modern Liquid Dispersion Polymer. Optimise your personal care formulation with an Ace!

BTC Europe
Enabling Choices for I&I with EU Ecolabel

The I&I detergent manufacturers offer an increasing number of product lines that are certified with the EU Ecolabel.

BTC Europe
Lumina® Royal - New colour effects for plastic products

Those who achieve that certain something in plastics design with pigments can shape the face of a brand and clearly set it apart from its competitors. With effect pigments from the Lumina® Royal product series, BTC extends the design options available to its customers.

BTC Europe
Hot or cold - Irgaflo® additives improve lubricants

The higher the quality of the lubricant, the better processes can function even in critical temperature ranges. Even better quality is often achieved through additives – such as the products in the Irgaflo® series. Thanks to them, oils work perfectly even in icy cold and extreme heat.

BTC Europe
World Congress of Vine and Wine in Mainz - See our innovative product!

Metals such as copper, iron and manganese can have a huge impact on the taste of a wine. With Divergan® HM, you can remove these substances simply and without residue, while also reducing the polyphenol content. BTC and BASF will be at the world congress of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) to present this product. You can arrange appointments for meetings on Tuesday (7th July) and Wednesday (8th July) now.

BTC Europe
Sustainable Coconut Oil - Joint Goal of GIZ, BASF and Cargill

The Joint Goal is to promote sustainable coconut oil and to improve the living conditions of coconut farmers in the Philippines. See here the results after more than three years of partnership.

BTC Europe
Emulgade® Sucro Plus - Our natural-based emulsifier with the sensational Plus

Emulgade® Sucro Plus is BASF's new completely natural-based provides good emulsifying properties and a high electrolyte tolerance. In adddition it demonstrates a distinct sensory performance.

BTC Europe
Comprehensive intermediates portfolio of polyalcohols, acids and amines in the Nordics and Baltics

BTC had already distributed polyalcohol in the Nordics/Baltics region in the past. Acids and Specialties were added at the end of last year. The addition of amines now closes the last remaining gap in the major intermediates segment.

BTC Europe
Color Care in Liquid Detergents - Keeping colors bright

Modern life would be unimaginable without color detergents. Frequent wear and washing cause textile colors to lose their initial brilliance and fade. Color detergents ensure that clothes look new for longer and help to keep their colors vibrant.

BTC Europe
Chione™ Celestial Gold

A unique shade of white Gold which elevates all your products! Radiant skin continues to be a reflection of timeless beauty & glamour! The 2016 BASF trend “Ancient Wisdom” showcases a resurgence of metallics.

BTC Europe
BTC expands intermediates portfolio by acids and specialties in France & Benelux

In future, customers from these countries will also be able to choose from the wide range of Acids and Specialties within the Intermediate Chemicals products. The application options are as diverse as the industrial sectors that benefit from them.

BTC Europe
BASF appoints BTC as distributor for lubricant industry portfolio in North- and Central Europe

Effective June 1, BTC Europe will be responsible for the distribution of the company’s lubricant oil additives, base stocks and components for metalworking fluids in North- and Central Europe.

BTC Europe
In-cosmetics preview 2015

The sensory characteristics of a personal care product are as significant to the end-user as it’s efficacy or even it’s safety. Consumers have a real emotional attachment to their cosmetics, which can be enhanced by optimising the sensory experience through e.g. touch, smell and appearance.

BTC Europe
Effective Spot Disinfection of Surfaces

Germs can live on surfaces for hours. Hence, daily thorough cleaning and disinfection of frequently touched surfaces, such as in hospitals and offices, can significantly reduce contamination of people’s hands.

BTC Europe
New Dispersing Agents for Brilliant Blue and Green

BTC offers two new solvent-based dispersing agents intended especially to meet the demanding requirements of copper-phthalocyanine pigments.

BTC Europe
Economical for the long term: more milk with Lutrell® Combi

Conventional measures usually aim to optimise the energy supply of the dairy cow by increasing the animal's energy intake. Lutrell® Combi uses a very different approach: fitness through a reduced milk fat content. An elegant alternative that could make all the difference, especially with the upcoming abolition of the milk quota.

BTC Europe
Innovative galvano techniques on display at Hannover Messe

Shiny chrome-plated plastic surfaces have become increasingly popular over the past years. However, the REACH Regulation by the EU requires an alternative to the commonly used Chrome (VI). Visitors at the Hannover Messe 2015 (13th to 17th April) can find out more on the innovation that does not require the use of Chrome (VI) at the stand shared by BTC Europe and BASF in Hall 3.

BTC Europe
Automatic Dishwashing without Phosphate - without Compromise!

Cleaning, filming, rinsing, and drying of cutlery and tableware are the most important criteria of automatic dishwashing detergents in consumer test magazines.

BTC Europe
Emulgade® Sucro - The Delicious Skin Touch Sensory Mapping

Emulgade® Sucro is the solution for creating convincing skin care formulations for successful market products. Let us inspire you with a set of Emulgade® Sucro formulations with different and very delightful textures.

BTC Europe
BASF invests in PVP production worldwide

Polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) is a tremendously versatile polymer. The product is in very high demand in the pharmaceutical industry in particular, both as a binder with outstanding properties and as a disintegrant in tablets. BASF will be expanding its PVP production considerably over the next four years, investing EUR 56 million.

BTC Europe
Outstanding growth thanks to the glycinate trace element products

Trace elements are crucial for animals' vitality and productivity. But how can important trace elements be ingested in the most efficient way possible via animal feed? With the glycinate trace element product range, BTC's range now includes a particularly refined solution.

BTC Europe
Good animal feed - Natuphos® 5000 Combi G provides “three-in-one”

Natuphos® has been a proven product for the animal feed industry for many years, because it improves the availability of phosphorus from grain, which is so important in the feed for pigs and poultry. The new combination product Natuphos® 5000 G supplements the active ingredient with two other enzymes – recently approved by the EU for use in fattening pigs.

BTC Europe
Clean and sustainable roof coatings with Acronal® PLUS 6257

The flat roof market is still dominated by bituminous sheets; adhering them is often very labourintensive, while working with an open flame is dangerous. But there is another way: Flat roof coatings based on Acronal® PLUS 6257 have outstanding adhesive properties and low dirt pick-up behavior, are elastic – and even reflect solar heat.

BTC Europe
Food & Beverage Processing

New Solutions for CIP cleaning in the Dairy Industry.

BTC Europe
BTC symposium - Sustainable solvents as an alternative

When solvents such as NMP are becoming increasingly obsolete in the industry due to their properties, it is vital to seek out alternatives for our own production in due time. This is why symposiums are of great importance: recently, BTC Europe informed its Iberian customers extensively on the changes and innovations in the product catalogue.

BTC Europe
GMP Certification in Düsseldorf

The largest BASF site for cosmetic ingredients gains GMP Certification.

BTC Europe
Ultra-thin barrier protects food against mineral-oil residue

Packagings made of recycled paper protect the environment. However, they can contain mineral-oil residue, for example from newspaper printing colours. This can, in the case of food packaging, contaminate the contents. This can be prevented by applying ultra-thin plastic barriers.

BTC Europe
BTC portfolio: More than 700 products for better plastics

The countless ways in which they can be used make plastics wonderful materials. But it is often only through additives that they achieve the properties they need. BTC Europe customers can choose from a portfolio of over 700 products in this field. A huge number of different needs can be met - from UV protection to impressive colours and flame retardants.

BTC Europe
Colour Trends: Outlook 2015/2016

High-performance colour products that allow women to truly express themselves through unique and distinctive looks, are in high demand. Through extensive market research, BASF has identified the most influential cultural energies and trends that affect the beauty care industry in 2014 and 2015: Daily luxury, glamorous energy, exotic pause, neo-romantic and more.

BTC Europe
Univul® Easy

The easy way to achieve SPF and broad-spectrum UV protection.

BTC Europe
Commercial Laundry

BASF offers a wide range of products for Commercial laundry applications. On the basis of launderometer tests and trials in an industrial washer extractor it was proven that the special polymer Sokalan® HP 20 helps to prevent graying of cotton and cotton and polyester mixed fibers.

BTC Europe
Brisk interest in Zetag® ULTRA at VA-mässan

More and more often, wastewater works are under pressure to be sustainable, cost-efficient and effective. Zetag® ULTRA makes transport, disposal and incineration much more efficient. It is no wonder that the cationic flocculant was one of the highlights at “VA-mässan” in Sweden, where BTC Europe presented its portfolio.

BTC Europe
Lead Free - BTC introduces Paliotan® to the product range

Paliotan® is the answer to this pressing issue: What to do when lead chromate pigments soon become prohibited in the EU? The hybrid pigment that is now available through BTC Europe stands out thanks to its environmental compatibility, covering capability and weather resistance.

BTC Europe
BTC presents products at Hofer Vliesstofftage

The Hofer Vliesstofftage are the key meeting points for the industry where you can obtain information on all the new developments and scientific trends relating to the production of non-woven fabrics. BTC and BASF will jointly present their portfolio with regard to polymer dispersions for fibre bonding. The optimum combination of binding agents and additives is decisive for a defined profile of properties.

BTC Europe
BTC Europe at BASF's booth at EuroTier 2014

Marketplace, trendsetter, a place to exchange ideas – EuroTier in Hanover is the world's largest trade fair for professional animal husbandry. BTC will be there in November with its full range in the animal nutrition sector. The focus will be on Lutrell® for higher milk production and Natugrain® TS for fattening pigs, among others.

BTC Europe
Barely toxic, easy to handle – sustainable solvents

Environmentally-compatible solvents should be biologically degradable wherever possible and not require any volatile organic compounds, for example. It is even better if they are easy to process too. BTC has now put together a brochure of 30 completely different solvents, helping you to find the perfect product.

BTC Europe
Aliquat® – the turbo for chemical reactions

Those who want to reduce reaction times or increase the yield in their chemical processes will find Aliquat® a useful aid. The phase transfer catalyst makes many chemical reactions faster and more streamlined – and at the same time kinder to the environment time.

BTC Europe
Colourants for sensitive applications in plastics

EU directives are regulating which colourants can be used for food packaging and toys in ever greater detail. A brochure clearly shows which colourants from BTC's range are suitable for sensitive applications in which countries.

BTC Europe
Hair, Body & Skin Trends @ SEPAWA 2014

Mit Produkten und Konzepten stellt BASF Care Creations seine Kompetenz im Bereich der Rohstoffentwicklung und Formulierungstechnik dar.

BTC Europe
Sunshine Bronzing Powder: Sun-Kissed beauty for skin & hair

Sunshine Bronzing Powder will give your skin exactly what it needs, to build and keep a luminous tan. In addition the hair treatment will complete the glamorous final look.

BTC Europe
Technical Seminar: BTC presents its portfolio

This year's biennial seminar for 30 Iberian customers in Barcelona focused on a range of topics including simple direct compression of tablets thanks to ibuprofen DC 85 and the European approval process for Soluplus®. There was plenty to talk about and an opportunity for customers to network.

BTC Europe
Enabling Choices @ SEPAWA 2014

Time- and Resource-efficient Cleaning Solutions.

BTC Europe
Food & Beverage Processing

New Solutions for Membrane Cleaning in the Food & Beverage Industry.

BTC Europe
New water-based dispersion for flexible packaging

Water-based adhesives for flexible packaging don't contain any organic solvents. This is particularly important for use in the food industry.

BTC Europe
Sparkling possibilities with Mearlin® Star Pearl

Packaging that creates a subconscious purchasing incentive, automotive paints that make you feel good, or simply a fleeting memory of shooting stars, sunbeams and sparkling gold – there are many possibilities for putting sparkling effect pigments to good use. Mearlin® Star Pearl EH1646 is a new member of the BTC Europe product family that sparkles in a very special way.

BTC Europe
Innovative coatings at Eurocoat

A colour that is “whiter than white”? You will find these and other BASF SE products at the Eurocoat trade fair in Paris (from 23rd to 25th September).

BTC Europe
New dispersion for glossy film lamination for indirect food contact

For the production of special adhesives that stick film and paper together, BTC Europe offers a new dispersion now: Acronal® 3640 X, with a specially-developed cross-linking-system. This new dispersion allows approval in accordance with BfR XIV and FDA 175.105.

BTC Europe
BTC introduces some changes at invoicing process in Spain

The suppliers of some products are changing for BTC customers in Spain, but everything else remains the same. The chemicals Acronal® and Texapon®, which are produced locally in Spain, are among those affected. BTC is supporting its customers with help and advice during the adjustment process.

BTC Europe
Emulsions with a WOW effect by SWOP™

SWOP™ emulsions combine the light & fresh application of O/W emulsions with the intensive skin care of W/O emulsions.

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EU: green light for daily use of Kollicoat® IR

The film coating by BASF ensures that pills can be swallowed easily while preventing an unpleasant flavour.

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High-performance sludge dewatering with Zetag® ULTRA

The more a sewage treatment plant can reduce the water content in the sewage sludge, the greater the cost efficiency. Zetag® ULTRA flocculants by BASF can help you to achieve this.

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New surfactant for suspensions in the construction industry

The surfactant 2,4,7,9,-tetramethyldecane-5-yne-4,7-diol (TMDD) from BASF SE is able to prevent the uncontrolled entrainment of air occurring with the addition of certain plasticizers in hydraulic cement compositions.

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BTC symposium: Our products for the plastics industry

Easy to process, weather-resistant and flame retardant – additives from BASF make plastics even more efficient.

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The right products for colourful tiles

BTC Europe supports manufacturers of ceramic colours and ceramic products during the entire manufacturing process. The extensive portfolio also offers many solutions for an environment-friendly production

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Tinuvin 1600 – UV protection that lasts decades

Plastics allow more lightweight and imaginative building designs – from football stadiums to greenhouses. Tinuvin 1600 from BASF provides the perfect UV protection for the highest standards.

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BTC supplies chemicals for more than just paper making

BASF Paper Chemicals and BTC have redivided responsibilities in the paper industry: In the future, BASF Paper Chemicals will supply all chemicals for paper making and coating, whereas BTC places its focus on the sale of chemicals that go beyond the mere production process.

BTC Europe
BTC at the IFAT: Spotlight on a new product for sludge dewatering

Zetag® ULTRA is the new product range from BASF SE that improves the dewatering of sewage sludge. This novelty was presented by BASF Water Solutions and BTC Europe recently at the IFAT in Munich.

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Luvigel® Fit UP: Change your thickener to boost your style

Luvigel® Fit UP - the speciality liquid thickener designed exclusively for use in hair styling products.

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Cetiol® Ultimate

Natural-based, fresh, dry and volatile emollient

BTC Europe
Glysantin®: 85th anniversary campaign

The engine coolant manufacturer Glysantin® has represented quality in the automotive sector for 85 years. To celebrate Glysantin®'s 85th anniversary, BTC is launching a special campaign to run from July 1st, to August 1st, 2014.

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BTC at the Paper Trade Show, Maqpaper: Portfolio for the entire industry

Some chemicals are used for the refinement process of paper, some are necessary for production, while others are used for cleaning machines – the paper industry requires a broad range of different chemical products.

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Glysantin® Classic: triple protection for vintage cars

The engine coolant manufacturer Glysantin® has represented quality in the automotive sector for 85 years. To celebrate its 85th anniversary, Glysantin® has developed an anniversary product: Glysantin® Classic. It is particularly suited towards vintage and classic car maintenance.

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Plasticisers from BASF now also available in Italy

In April this year, BTC Europe GmbH began selling plasticisers made by BASF SE in Italy. They include the future-oriented product Hexamoll® DINCH®.

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Vibracolor® Moonlight Blue - The new blue opportunity for hair colorants

BASF's Vibracolor® hair dyes offer its customers the ability to create colors that really stand out.

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Exclusive sales of plasticisers in Iberia

Since April this year, BTC Europe GmbH has been the exclusive distributor for plasticisers from BASF SE in the Iberian market. As well as conventional plasticisers, BTC also sells the future-oriented product Hexamoll® DINCH®.

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Ultrahold® Power - the versatile styling polymer for all hairsprays and beyond - with the added benefit of shine !!!

Focused on hairspray, the new setting polymer, Ultrahold® Power provides improved hold and ease of use.

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Certified sourcing for a range of our PKO derivatives

Contributing to sustainable development is an integral part of our corporate strategy and we want to actively support our customers in achieving their sustainability targets.

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Solution Finder: Straight to the solution

The Solution Finder on BTC Europe GmbH's revised website will help you to find the right product solutions for your requirements.

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BTC to supply pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Nordic countries from 2014

From 2014, pharmaceutical manufacturers in Sweden, Finland, Norway and the Baltic countries will be able to obtain BASF SE pharmaceutical products through BTC Europe GmbH. They will also receive technical and other services.

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A crystal-clear result

Two special additives for moistening agents used in offset printing provide improved surface tension and thus prevent printing defects.

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Customer events 2014: Practical and full of information

At various symposia in Germany, France, Italy and the Benelux countries, our experts will provide information on trends and new products in the Home Care and Formulation Technologies segment.

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For vibrant building facades

The sun's rays are the reason why even bright exterior colours fade with time. BTC Europe offers a dispersion that binds pigments permanently so that facade colours lose less of their intensity – Acronal® EDGE 6295.

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BTC online shop for customers of the former BASF ChemTrade

The webshop of the former BASF ChemTrade GmbH went offline on December 15, 2013. In the new year, customers will be able to place their orders in the BTC Europe online shop and benefit from all advantages the platform offers.

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Everything just a click away: the BTC online shop

The e-commerce platform of BTC Europe can do a lot more than just take orders. For example, business people can find technical data sheets and other documents available to download there.

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