Additives > photo initiators for furniture and flooring coatings

UV-curing is one of the most rapidly growing technologies for furniture and flooring coatings and other related industries. UV-curing systems have been used to dramatically increase line speeds and develop environmentally friendly technologies.




The use of photointiators enables decorative or protective coatings to be cured in a fraction of a second. A photoinitiator is a compound that, under adsorption of light, undergoes a photoreaction, producing reactive species - radicals. These radicals are capable of initiating or catalyzing chemical reactions that result in significant changes to the solubility and/or physical properties of suitable formulations. The cured coating is chemically and physically resistant and provides both protection and decoration of substrates whether they be plastics, wood or metal. The advantages of UV curing systems are the low concentrations of photoinitiators required as well as the high reactivity of the materials. Photoinitiators can be used in most coating systems and show excellent compatibility with most resin systems.


Irgacure® photoinitiators are used for UV-curable furniture and flooring coatings and for pigmented and energy-curable coatings in combination with clear-coat light.