Aurora® multi-layered films are not tinted nor using pigments or dyes, instead they achieve their pearlescent shimmer through a combination of different polymer layers – known as the optical core.

It is in this core that the colours seen are formed. More than 100 wafer-thin polymer layers disperse the light into various complementary colours. The number of layers and the thickness of the core determine the intensity and reflection of the colour.


Aurora®'s particular properties are a huge benefit for packaging, deodorants and perfume bottles.

They are used for self-adhesive labelling, cardboard lamination such as for folding boxes, as gift wrapping paper or film just to mention a view.

AURORA 4221 BG 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30308912 offer
AURORA 4221 BV 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30308913 offer
AURORA 4221 RG 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30308914 offer
AURORA 4221 RR 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30308915 offer
AURORA 8181 BG 36"X10,000 FT. 54,032KG 1GC BTC 30308920 offer
AURORA 8181 BG 39.75"X10,000 FT. 59,481KG 1GC 30308921 offer
AURORA 8181 BV 39.75"X10,000 FT. 56,302KG 1GC 30308928 offer
AURORA 8181 RG 36"X10,000 F 30308934 offer
AURORA 8181 RG 39.75"X10,000 FT. 66,291KG 1GC 30308935 offer
AURORA 8181 RR 39.75"X10,000 FT. 70,378KG 1GC 30308945 offer
AURORA 8511 RG 61"X30,000 FT. 2X155,739KG IP40C 30308977 offer
AURORA 8511RG 27,56"X30,000FT.BTC 204,11KG 1GC 30556071 offer
AURORA 8511RG 39.75"X10,000FT.BTC 67,654KG 1GC 30308964 offer
AURORA 8531 BG 39.75"X10,000 FT. 58,573KG 1GC 30308979 offer
AURORA 8531 RG 27.56"X10,000 FT. 46,767KG 1GC 30308985 offer
AURORA 8531 RG 27.56"X30,000 FT 140,301 KG IP40 30308986 offer
AURORA 8531 RG 36"X10,000 FT. 61,297KG 1GC 30308987 offer
AURORA 8531 RG 39.75"X10,000 FT. 67,654KG 1GC 30308988 offer
AURORA 8531 RG 39.75"X30,000 FT 202,962KG 1GC 30444779 offer
AURORA 8531 RG 54"X10,000 FT. 92,172KG 1GC 30308990 offer
AURORA 8531 RR 39.75"X10,000 FT. 78,097KG 1GC 30308996 offer
AURORA 8531 RR 39.75"X12,500 FT. 97,621KG 1GC 30308997 offer
AURORA 8531 RR 39.75"X25,000 FT 195,242 KG IP40 30308998 offer
AURORA 8531 RR 39.75"X30,000 FT. 234,291KG IP40 30424599 offer
AURORA 8531 RR 40"X30,000 FT.BTC 234,291KG IP40 30564645 offer
AURORA 8601 BG 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309002 offer
AURORA 8601 BV 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309003 offer
AURORA 8601 RG 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309004 offer
AURORA 8601 RR 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309005 offer
AURORA 8851 SR 38.25"X5,000 FT. 72,194KG 1G 30309013 offer
AURORA 8861 RY 40" X 10,000 FT BTC 135,8KG 1GC 30558333 offer
AURORA 8911 RG 39.75""X10K (6""CORE) 30309018 offer
AURORA B8601 RY 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309072 offer
AURORA C8531 RR 36"X2,500 FT. 17,254KG 1G 30309078 offer
AURORA C8531 RR39.75"X10,000FT.BTC 75,372KG 1GC 30309079 offer
AURORA FG8601 RG 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1G 30309085 offer
AURORA FM8601 BG 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309087 offer
AURORA FO8601 RY 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1G 30309092 offer
AURORA FY8601 RY 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309100 offer
AURORA G8531 RG 39.75"X10,000 FT. 61,297KG 1G 30309112 offer
AURORA G8601 RY 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309114 offer
AURORA GS8531 RG 39.75"X10,000 FT. 67,654KG 1G 30309116 offer
AURORA KC8531 SR 39.75"X10,000 FT. 77,643KG 1GC 30309131 offer
AURORA KD8531 RR 39.75"X10,000 FT. 75,372KG 1G 30309133 offer
AURORA R8601 BG 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1G 30309150 offer
AURORA R8601 RY 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309151 offer
AURORA S8531 RG 39.75"X10,000 FT. 67,654KG 1GC 30309153 offer
AURORA S8531 RG 39.75"X20,341 FT. 136,07KG 1GC 30566187 offer
AURORA S8531 RG 39.75"X30,000 FT. 202,96KG 1GC 30309154 offer
AURORA Y8531 RG 39.75"X10,000 FT. 67,654KG 1G 30309182 offer
AURORA Y8601 RY 40"X100 LB 45,405KG 1GC BTC 30309183 offer
AURORA YS8531 RG 39.75"X10,000 FT. 67,199KG 1G 30309184 offer