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Acrylate specialties > for the chemical synthesis

BTC’s acrylic or methacrylic specialty monomers have low colour, low viscosity and high purity. They are versatile chemical building blocks which are used to

  • modify polymer properties, e.g. hardness, flexibility, thermal stability;
  • influence processing conditions;
  • introduce new, additional or superior application features.

Acrylate specialties serve industry trends. For the chemical synthesis

  • they allow faster processing and thus lead to a higher cost efficiency;
  • in low VOC (volatile organic compound) systems they lead to a reduction of emissions and comply with legal restrictions;
  • BTC’s new specialty acrylates are unique tools to customize the properties of the emulsion polymerization process.


Acrylates (acrylate and methacrylate special monomers)

Properties of our acrylate and methylacrylate monomers for the chemical synthesis

Our special acrylate and methacrylate monomers are used to impart the following properties to polymers

  • Adhesion,
  • Rheology,
  • Crosslinking,
  • Glass transition temperature (hardness),
  • Polarity ,
  • Solubility,
  • Charge.

Our acrylate specialty monomers show superior reactivities in polymerization. They

  • polymerize rapidly under UV radiation,
  • achieve lower viscosity in polymers,
  • give access to lower glass transition temperature (Tg) which leads to softer polymers,
  • lead to lower refractive indices,
  • are characterized by higher surface tensions.

Our methacrylate specialty monomers are less reactive in comparision to the acrylates. They

  • polymerize slower under UV,
  • withstand better the weather conditions,
  • show better chemical resistance,
  • give access to higher glass transition temperature (Tg) which leads to harder polymers,
  • cause lower skin irritation.

Applications of our acrylate specialties for the chemical synthesis

In paper manufacturing, our specialty monomers allow a reduced paper thickness and improve the sharpness of ink application.

In water treatment, our specialty monomers assist in the separation of anionic impurities from industrial wastewater.

In personal care products, specialty monomers provide high humidity resistance in hair care products and improve the rheology in body care products.

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About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our solutions for the chemical synthesis industries cover besides our acrylates also inorganics & intermediates as well as polar solvents and plasticisers, besides others.