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Solvents > to dissolve poor soluble ingredients

Almost all cosmetic products contain solvents, which are essential components of the final formulation. BTC’s solvents portfolio includes propylene glycol, dipropylene glycol and n-propanol purest.


1,2 Propylene, Dipropylene, N-Propanol, Pluracare®


1,2 Propylene Glycol Care is specially manufactured as a high-purity, odor-free grade to meet the requirements of the cosmetics industry.
Dipropylene Glycol Care is an organic solvent with which is immiscible or not freely miscible with aliphatic and terpene hydrocarbons.
N-Propanol purest is a colourless, medium-volatility, mobile, polar liquid that is freely miscible with water and all common organic solvents. It has a fresh alcoholic odor without significant undertones and a slightly bitter, alcoholic flavour.
The Pluracare® grades are used as solubliziers, emulsifiers, viscosity control agent etc. in a variety of cosmetic applications.


Solvents like 1,2 Propylene, Dipropylene, N-Propanol and Pluracare® find use in any kind of cosmetic formulations e.g. in nail varnish removers,
mouthwashes, toothpastes, lotions, creams, shampoos, body wash, hair treatment and many more.