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Waxes and wax emulsions > for home care applications

BTC’s product portfolio covers a wide range of waxes, including polyethylene waxes, ethylene copolymer waxes and polyether waxes. They are available as powder, granules, flakes and micronized waxes.

Our portfolio comprises also wax emulsions. Wax emulsions are liquids and are often incorporated in water-based formulations to improve surface properties.

Brands of waxes and wax emulsions



Properties of waxes and wax emulsions

Synthetic waxes like BTC’s Luwax® types refer to pure waxes which are either ethylene homopolymers or ethylene copolymers, or oxidized polyethylene waxes. They are defined by their mechanical and physical properties. The chemical constitution is mainly different. Waxes are solid at ambient temperature and varying from soft, to plastic, to brittle, to hard. The melting point is often above 40°C with low viscosity values above the melting point. Their optical appearance is from transparent to opaque. Waxes provide mostly a fine buffability under pressure.

  • Waxes in solid form:  can be a flake or a powder, or even a micronized powder (micro powder) for special purposes.
  • Solubility of waxes: Luwax® types are compounds of aliphatic hydrocarbons.  They are soluble at elevated temperature in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and in most other solvents that are not too polar.

Poligen® products are emulsified waxes for ready to formulate purposes. The oxidized ethylene polymers provide the property of emulsification and thus wax emulsions can be prepared.

Applications of waxes and wax emulsions in home care applications

The use of waxes and wax emulsions is versatile. In home care applications waxes are frequently used to modify the surface properties. Waxes are the right additive for the formulation to enhance the gloss or matting effect, to enhance the hydrophobic property or to modify the surface characteristics (anti-slip, mechanically resistance, etc.).

  • Luwax® A is a soft polyethylene wax which provides a good buffability. It is used in polishing formulations like floor polishing, shoe polishing, or car polishing.
  • Luwax® AF is a micronized polyethylene wax. It consists of regular spheres with a narrow particle size. Because the Luwax® AF types are so finely divided, they are easy to disperse in suitable liquids. Due to the spherical particles they do not effect the gloss negatively.
  • Luwax® AH is a hard polyethylene wax which provides a good buffability. It is used in polishing formulations like floor polishing, shoe polishing, or car polishing.
  • Luwax® AL is a soft polyethylene wax, which can be used as an ingredient of solvent-based polishes in paste or liquid form for floors, leather, furniture, automobiles, and more.
  • Luwax® AM is a polyethylene wax which provides a good buffability. It is used in polishing formulations like floor polishing, shoe polishing, or car polishing. It makes coatings and surfaces more hydrophobic.
  • Luwax® EAS is a polyethylene wax based on an ethylene copolymer which contains acid groups. Luwax® EAS can be emulsified without using a surfactant. It is useable for floor polishing besides others.
  • Luwax® EVA  is an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer wax. Applications are polishing formulations for floor polishes and shoe polishes.
  • Luwax® OA is an oxidized PE hard wax. Because of the high melting and setting points it can be emulsified under pressure in a closed system only, i.e. in a low-pressure autoclave. Emulsified Luwax® OA together with other auxiliaries (polymer dispersion) achieves hydrophobization (water-repellent) properties. Prepared Luwax® OA wax emulsions are used for automotive waxes, leather polish, shoe polish, textile finishing, and also for floor polishes and furniture polishes.
  • Luwax® V is a polyvinyl ether with a waxy consistency. Applications are polishes for stone floors, including artificial stone and marble. It is useable as wax solution applied in leather finishing and leather care.
  • Poligen® CE is a wax emulsion of copolymerized wax. It is free of an emulsifier and ready to use in formulations intended for usage in surface protection. It is also used in floor polishes as well.
  • Poligen® WE is a wax emulsion of hard and soft oxidized PE waxes. In combination with nonionic and anionic emulsifiers Poligen® WE is used in polishing formulations. It is a ready to use wax emulsion for floor-care products as well as for car-polishes.
  • Poligen® MW is an aqueous nonionic emulsion of a montanic ester wax. It forms a very buffable film with high gloss and high mechanical stability. Therefore it is useable in a versatile range of applications like floor polishes, leather polishes, car polishes besides others.

About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our waxes and wax emulsions are suitable for a variety of applications, from home care in the detergents and cleaners industry to special uses in the paper, glas, metal, coatings, wood and plastics industries.