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Waxes and wax emulsions > for industrial applications

BTC’s product portfolio covers a wide range of waxes, including polyethylene waxes, ethylene copolymer waxes and polyether waxes. They are supplied as powder, granules, flakes and micronized waxes.

Besides the pure wax types wax emulsions are part of the product portfolio too. Wax emulsions are liquids and are often incorporated in water-based formulations to improve surface properties.

Brands of waxes and wax emulsions



Properties of waxes and wax emulsions

Synthetic waxes like BTC’s Luwax® types refer to pure waxes which are either ethylene homopolymers or ethylene copolymers, or oxidized polyethylene waxes. Waxes are defined by their mechanical and physical properties. The chemical constitution is mainly different. Waxes are solid at ambient temperature and varying from soft, to plastic, to brittle, to hard. Their melting point is often above 40°C having low viscosity values above the melting point. Their optical appearance is from transparent to opaque. Waxes provide mostly a fine buffability under pressure.

  • The solid form of waxes can be a flake or a powder, or even a micronized powder (micro powder) for special purposes.
  • Luwax® types are compounds of aliphatic hydrocarbons. They are soluble at elevated temperature in aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons and in most other solvents that are not too polar.

Oxidized ethylene polymers provide the property of emulsification. Therefore it is possible to prepare wax emulsions. Our Poligen® products are already emulsified waxes for ready to formulate purposes.

Applications of waxes and wax emulsions in industrial applications

The use of waxes and wax emulsions is versatile. In industrial applications waxes are used for a variety of applications due to their versatile properties.

  • Luwax® A is a soft polyethylene wax for use in printing inks, PVC manufacturing, cable fibres, wax dispersions, coating waxes, masterbatches and coatings.
  • Luwax® AF is a micronized polyethylene wax which consists of regular spheres with a narrow particle size distribution. Because the Luwax® AF types are so finely divided, they are easy to disperse in water, organic solvents and mixtures of water and solvents. Their properties make them interesting for further applications like textiles, coating paper as well as for mould-release agents.
  • Luwax® AH is a hard wax with versatile application fields like PVC processing, wax coating, and printing inks. It is also used as insulating compound for switch gear and electrical components.
  • Luwax® AL is a soft polyethylene wax used in the manufacture of pigment preparations, wax dispersions, wax coatings and PVC-processing.
  • Luwax® AM is a polyethylene wax used as matting agent and anti-setting agent for paints.
  • Luwax® EVA is an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer wax useable in pigment concentrates, masterbatch and hotmelts.
  • Luwax® EAS is a polyethylene wax based on an ethylene copolymer which contains acid groups. Luwax® EAS can be emulsified without using a surfactant. It is used in coatings due to it’s good adhesion property to several surfaces (paper, glass, metal, wood and plastics). Aqueous emulsions are achieved by adding a variety of different bases.
  • Luwax® OA is an oxidized PE hard wax. Because of the high melting and setting points it can be emulsified under pressure in a closed system only, i.e. in a low-pressure autoclave.
    Luwax® OA types find applications also as

    • smoothing agents in textile finishing,
    • anti-abrasion agents in water-based paints,
    • rubbing fastness improvers in aqueous printing inks,
    • rubbing fastness improvers in water-based coating varnishes,
    • mold release agents in plastic and cast-metal processing

  • Luwax® V is a polyvinyl ether wax. It is a specialized wax used in metal and plastic applications to provide temporary protection against corrosion. It is also usable as mould release agent.
  • Poligen® CE is a wax emulsion of copolymerized wax which is free of an emulsifier. It is used in surface protection applications. It protects the metal from corrosion and enhances the optical appearance of the surface.
  • Poligen® WE is a wax emulsion of hard and soft oxidized PE waxes.  In combination with nonionic and anionic emulsifiers Poligen® WE is used in paper board coatings, overprint varnishes, polyurethane coatings, printing inks, textile finishing, besides others.
  • Poligen® MW is an aqueous nonionic emulsion of a montanic ester wax. It forms a very buffable film with high gloss and high mechanical stability. Therefore it is usable in a versatile range of applications. As additive in the glass industry Poligen® MW improves the abrasion resistance and scratch resistance. In the plastics industry it is used as mould-release agent. In the metal industry Poligen® MW finds application as slip agent and as well mould-release agent. In the printing inks industry it is used as additive. There are also applications for Poligen® MW in water-borne paints, wood paints, rubber and latex processing.

About BTC

BTC Europe is BASF's European sales organization for small and medium-sized customers focused on specialty chemicals. Our waxes and wax emulsions are suitable for a variety of applications, from home care in the detergents and cleaners industry to special uses in the paper, glas, metal, coatings, wood and plastics industries.